How to run large events seamlessly using Microsoft Kaizala groups

Organizing and managing large events requires a lot of planning and communication. College and university fests are one of those massive events that require efficient communication and effective collaboration among hundreds and thousands of members. College fests accelerate adrenalin rush in college students throughout the world. Students spend a lot of sleepless nights approaching sponsors, and even after a hundred rejections finally pull off the best event of their lives.

There is enough reason for planning committees and student bodies to lose their sleep. Microsoft’s new productivity app, however, has made it easier to organize and handle events. Kaizala from Microsoft is a simple and secure chat-based app that can help in organizing college events without any hassle.

Kaizala comes pre-loaded with cool features that enable effective communication and collaboration. You can leverage the features available on the app to communicate with students around the world, spread information about events, and also manage the event right from your smartphone. You can onboard all of the participants, vendors, sponsors to Kaizala using their phone numbers, thanks to the open directory. For better communication, you can create event-specific groups and add as many people as required because Kaizala doesn’t have an upper limit on group size. Kaizala also houses public groups which not just help you connect with sponsors but also directly talk to organizations who’d be willing to contribute.

The app also helps you in making an online payment whenever necessary, no need to carry ATM cards and cash around. You can pay all your vendors and caterers through UPI ID. This makes it really easy for you as you don’t have to shuffle between apps to chat, coordinate, and make payments.

You can maintain a list of to-dos using the Checklist feature and share it with your teammates. This helps you track all the planned activities and execute them accordingly. Tick off the tasks as you’re done with them to ensure nothing is left on the list. With this feature, you can prioritize your work and dedicate time accordingly while keeping a track of incomplete tasks. Then, you can remind the respective POC of the status.

The Job feature allows you to send & receive tasks from stakeholders and follow up on the status. This eliminates every chance of miscommunication as all the documents and requirements are posted on groups along with deadlines. On top of that, admins can access the dashboard to extract progress updates of various assigned tasks. Use this feature to get the work done without running after people.

Having a tough time deciding the theme for the event? Conduct a Quick Poll! This feature helps you understand the choice of students and fellow organizers, thus making decisions easy. If you need a detailed view on something or want to understand the expectations, you can go for a Survey and extract a detailed survey report right on the app.

You don’t have to be worried about confidential data leaks because the app is super secure and is compliant with international standards like GDPR. Moreover, admins can enable mandatory Azure sign in to ensure further security.

Apart from these functional and practical features, you can also share your live location, geotag photos, mark attendance, submit bills, schedule meetings, make announcements, and more. With Kaizala, you can now organize events easily without wrecking your brain.

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