How to Spy Android Phone with Spymyphone

How to spy Android phone with Spymyfone? Spymyphone is one of the best apps for Android. Well, one of the reasons is that you don’t need to do the process rooting before installing it. Just like the name, it is clear what the app is functioned. It is to spy the phone particularly if you want to know someone’s activities in some apps like WhatsApp, Tinder, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Skype. Meanwhile, the features also work for Call Logs & Contacts, Location Tracking & Geofencing, Text Messages, Clues & Keyword Alerts, and more. So, what are the steps to use it? Here they are.

Install the App

Installing this Android Spy app is quite easy. The installation process must be done in the target’s Smartphone. So, you need to borrow the Smartphone first and then go to a browser and go to its official website. After going to the website, there is a button where you are asked to try the app. Click it and make an account. If you have one, you can just log in. The app can just be simply downloaded.

As information, there is a rule in which some apps found from outside PlayStore can be banned. To avoid this happening, you must set the Android phone first. The app can be included in the category of unknown source. Then, continue the installation process until it is installed. Another registration is done within the app. You can enter your email and password there.

Setup the App

Still in the target’s Smartphone, you must set up the phone to get notifications. How is it? It is by entering the setting menu and looking for the notification menu. Shift it to the ON position for any of the apps to be tapped. Sure, if you just want to know all of his other activities, all of the possible apps should be turned on. After this process is over, you can bring back the phone to the target. You should not worry since the Spymyfone is not seen at all.

See the Results

To see the results, you can use your own Smartphone or PC. Again, you need to go to the website of this app and go to Log In menu. You should remember the email and password you have used before to log in using the target’s Smartphone. You can do the same thing using the Smartphone or PC that you have. It is by submitting the previous email and password.

If you are successfully entering, there are some bars of the apps that have been tapped before. There are even the numbers of messages of each of them. To see the details of messages, tap the intended app button and you can see the messages or conversations made by the target.

The same thing is for tracking and geofencing the location. So, do you want where the target is now? You should tap the app of Google map or others. This way, the target’s location can be known. Uniquely, you can also set sensitive places as geofences. Then, the alerts are received when the targets are entering or leaving the area. The target’s location can also be tracked by accessing the location history. It is in case, you don’t pay attention to where the target went in the past hours or days.

See the Deleted Messages

You should know that messages or chats that have been deleted are actually not completely lost. There is a system in a Smartphone or PC that enables the deleted files to come out. Sure, there is a particular app needed to make it work. Interestingly, using Spymyfone, you can also detect and read messages that have been deleted by the targets. They are not only messages but also photos and videos.

The way to see them is just similar. It is by tapping the apps that you want to see. There will be a list of messages and other files that are currently deleted. The information is complete; it is including the phone number and even photos of people who call, are called, and message the targets.

Delete the App

So, do you think that your target is not doing something fishy? It is so good then. If you have really trusted him or her already, it is not bad for you to delete the app. Maybe, you are just afraid of being caught in this spying activity. To uninstall, it is by going to the category of Unknown Source and then delete the app. Sure, you can install it next time using the same steps.

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