What To Know If You Want To Find Users For Your Next Usability Test

What To Know If You Want To Find Users For Your Next Usability Test

A large number of individuals are looking for the ways to get users for the next usability test. Below are seven ideas on how to find users for future usability testing.

1.    Hallway Testing: look for anyone who is inexperienced with the website or the application you are testing. These can be your friends, family, or co-workers. Hallway testing has been approved to work correctly for universal apps or websites. The method is highly relevant when you are looking to unfold the more obvious difficulties with the individual interactions.

2.    Existing Users: Your current users are an apparent source for testing. Finding existing users for your business is an easy task to start. You can merely use pop-ups provided by Ethnio or MeasuringU.

3.    Usertesting.com: This platform has a bigger panel for users. It also delivers video and audio for users using mobile application and website. Usertesting.com permits you to recruit a bunch of individuals based on geography, age, and gender.

4.    Mechanical Turk: Amazon’s network crowdsourcing gives you access to contributors from all over the world who are ready to take short online lessons for between dollars and pennies.

5.    Craigslist:When you are recruiting, conditions become more categorical, and you can post your adverts on Craigslist platform. Big marketing agencies have posted their advertisement to specific groups for years and they have succeeded. So you should not hesitate to display your products and services on Craigslist platform.

6.    Panel Agencies: For unmonitored usability surveys or testing where you need thousands or hundreds of respondents, think about using a panel agency. Panels have a big databases of persons from around, US, UK, Australia, and to the rest of the world. The panel agencies assist you to save all the standard demographic data. The panels also permit you to look for individuals like small business entrepreneurs, tablet owners, IT managers, or Costco shoppers.

7.    Market Research Recruiters: When you are looking for specific skills in an individual you probably need the assistance of professional firms’ recruitment. Firms such as Plaza Research also uphold international and huge local databases to match you with similar recruitment want. The plan of paying between $150 -$300 per recruited participant can be a reasonable price for individuals or businesses who can afford such kind of cash.

The above seven methods are written purposely to direct you on how to find users for your next usability test. Read the article keenly to come up with the most suitable method that fits your needs.    

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