Why Your GMAT Scores are of Ultimate Importance

Taking the GMAT is essential when applying to MBA programs. While most admissions look at various aspects of potential students, the GMAT is still an important part of an application. This part of your application can make or break your chances of being admitted and it’s used as a gauge to determine whether you’re prepared for a rigorous program. Why exactly should you work to get a high score? These are some of the top reasons.

GMAT Scores Can Boost Admission Chances

If you have a dazzling academic record, good internships, and an amazing academic record, then the GMAT may not do a great deal for your application. However, if your GMAT is more than 30 points below a school’s average score, you’re going to be at a disadvantage. Additionally, this score is critical if you’ve struggled academically. A high GMAT score shows that you’re willing to put in the time and effort to succeed academically. While the GMAT is not the most important part of an application, it is a significant and often deciding factor for admissions.

GMAT Scores Correlate with Success

Although there have not been many long-term studies, a high GMAT score correlates closely to success in the first year of business school. This factor is why many admissions departments take a close look at the scores. It is an objective way for schools to compare applicants. Although more studies need to be done, the predictive value of the GMAT for at least short-term success is well-known.

A Low GMAT Can Hurt You

Although many professionals will tell you a high GMAT score can’t automatically get you admitted to a good school, a low GMAT score can certainly can keep you from gaining admission. Most people who have a good GMAT score already may not see a significant difference when they raise their score by a few points. However, a below average score can be a strong reason not to be admitted to a school.

Improving GMAT Scores

When it comes to GMAT scores, improvement is possible. Using a GMAT tutor can enable students achieve their maximum score possible. While most people can benefit from tutors, it’s especially important to seek out help when you have a low score. These are a few reasons why GMAT scores are important and how to take steps to improve your score.

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