Some of the Great Ways to Make Money in Music

Have you always wanted to get involved in the world of music? Then there are lots of opportunities available to you. However, thousands of people want to get into this world, so you do need to set yourself apart from the crowds. One way to do that is to find online music theory classes and become a real expert. Then, when you come to applying for jobs, you will be recognized for your skills. So what are some of the jobs that you could consider?

Jobs in the Music Industry

  1. Publicist, whereby you ensure a band gets lots of exposure on TV, online, in magazines and in the papers.
  2. Club owner, whereby you manage a live venue, attracting punters and musicians alike.
  3. Recording studio owner, for which you should probably study audio engineering or music business to make sure you really know what you’re doing and can attract recording artists.
  4. Graphic designer, helping to create album covers, live event posters, merchandise, and other artwork.
  5. Web designer, ensuring a band or artist’s website is up to date, relevant, and includes all the information people could possibly want.
  6. Music producer, overseeing the full process of recording an album. You will pick the songs, decide which studio records, them, pick the musicians, and perhaps even write the songs!
  7. Songwriter, something that has become hugely popular since the 2000 film Coyote Ugly.
  8. Film composer, whereby you direct the music of a movie.
  9. Jingle writer, being employed in marketing and advertising to write short, snappy scores of music that become associated with a product.
  10. Publisher, ensuring songwriters and composers are represented so that their music is played on TV and in movies.
  11. Merchandiser, creating items linked to an artist that can be purchased by fans.
  12. Journalist, writing news items and more about upcoming gigs or gigs that have recently happened.
  13. Equipment manufacturer or designer, creating all that cool stuff that performing artists use to create music.
  14. Equipment retailers, whereby you work inside stores providing bands and artists with the equipment they need on behalf of manufacturers.
  15. Film/TV music supervisor, ensuring the right songs are used at the right time in the right movies and television shows.
  16. Record label owner, which can be for a multinational company, which will be a major label, or an expression of your love for music, which will be a minor label.
  17. Entertainment lawyer, which you won’t be able to do just by studying music theory or even music business, but it is no less interesting. Here, you will deal with the various legalities associated with copyrights, music contracts, and so on.
  18. Business manager, a perfect career for someone who has studied music business. They ensure that musicians are properly paid and that their affairs are in order.
  19. Rehearsal space manager, whereby you can give starting and budding musicians the chance to come together and create beautiful new sounds.

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