Benefits & Cons of HP Enterprise Gen10 Micro Server



Hello folks, let us go through positives as well as downsides of HPE ProLiant MicroServer Gen10 microserver. The server suits best for budget-conscious startups as it comes with larger memory capacity. Extra power and versatile storage options are a few more noticeable features that makes small businesses to go crazy over this entry-level server.

Pros of HP Enterprise Gen10 Micro Server

Portable and easy to use server

This server can be placed anywhere within the work location. You can access hard drives and memory easily. PCIe slots which are incorporated in HP Enterprise Gen10 Micro Server allow easy management.Anyone can easily install and upgrade the server. HPE ProLiant MicroServer Gen10 is programmed with ClearOS Software which utilizes APU with graphics cores embedded to boost graphics performance without installing an additional PCIe graphics adapter.

Compatible with extra graphics workload

HP Enterprise Gen10 Micro Server supports extra graphics workload. This server along with wth the AMD RadeonPro WX 2100 Graphics Card has an ability to increase displaying capability up to 5 x 4K resolution displays.

Boost your work speed

The HPE Dual Port 10Gb Network Adapter will help to raise up the network speed and also boosts your work efficiency. Improve your boot up speed and load the operating system quickly with this variant. HPE Smart Array E208i-p SR Gen10 Controller helps to construct your ideal solution for RAID 5.

Customize With ClearOS Software

The ClearOS Software that is incorporated in this server is a no-cost operating system. It gives you the freedom to decide which applications you want to configure.

Easy installation and upgrades

The HPE ProLiant MicroServer Gen10 comes with all necessary drives including memory and hard drives, memory, and PCIe slots for easy installation. Any upgrade can be done easily without seeking assistance from technical support experts.

Compact design

Its design is very compact and light in weight. HPE ProLiant MicroServer Gen10 microserver can be rearranged anywhere if you want to shift the server location.  This Gen1o server is very important for modernization of infrastructure and also you will be able to access business insights easily.

Graphics Performance

One of the major positive features in HPE MicroServer Gen10 is its graphics performance. The AMD accelerated processing unit is supported by the GPU with the graphics core embedded to help the users with graphical workloads without need of installing any additional graphics card. It is equipped with dual display ports capable of displaying video.

Cons of HP Enterprise Gen10 Micro Server


  • HP Enterprise Gen10 MicroServer has a door that comes with a removable panel.You will feel like you received a broken the machine after opening it for the first time. Removing the door becomes a tough challenge if both Gen10 and Gen8 servers are stacked together.


  • The most disappointing thing is that HP has not retained Integrated Lights-Out capabilities in HP Enterprise Gen10 MicroServer


  • iLO module (integrated lights out) and the support for RAID drivers which were there in the previous generation were sacked off from this version. That was also in the prior generation.

On the whole HP enterprise Gen 10 micro server is great choice for new companies who are looking forward to get their first server.

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