Trending SEO Strategies for 2017 That You Need To Know

Each passing year, SEO portals initiate new algorithms with the hope of fighting spam links and individuals trying to play the system.

Experts from various sectors analyze how every upcoming year will bring change for their companies, and SEO is always changing.  Even its tiny tweaks can have a significant impact on businesses.

It seems like it was just yesterday when we were making our plans for what is best in 2016. Then here comes another year, and we need to take the time to plan, budget, and strategize for your success in SEO this 2017.

Here are some tips on what SEO strategies is best this year.


1.Take advantage of Google’s AMP

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is Google’s new strategy to build a better, and more user-friendly mobile web by launching a new standard in creating web content for mobile devices.

It’s important to keep in mind that AMPs are open source protocols that permit pages to load right away on mobile devices. AMP has become a sensation in the world of SEO because it allows consumers to load pages instantaneously at a lower data rate.

Ever since its first launch in search results, AMP has been a top trend in SEO. However, in spite of all the buzz around the project, webmasters and SEOs keep taking it for granted. So, these are just a quick lists of reasons you must consider in using AMP in your strategy:

  • We all know that speed matters. Various researches have proven that slower loading web pages have higher bounce rates, and most visitors will probably want to leave your website if it loads for more than three seconds. AMP loads 30 times faster than non-AMP. The content is cached and delivered from the Google cached version
  • AMP gives a positive effect on rankings and Click-through rate. Even if this development is not going to bring your traffic and floods right away, it’s a guarantee that AMP will dominate new content and its share will still increase.


  1. Upgrade visual content

Search engines are updating visual search ability like crawling images and videos. Typically the burden is on the content writers to create blog posts or SEO articles. Now, videographers and visual artists should also have SEO in mind.

Videos for SEO require optimized meta tags, keyword targeting, description, and the required video length. Here are some quick tips on how to create the best visual content:

  • First, it’s important to conduct keyword research for your visual content. Keywords for visible search results can be images or videos. Search engines display video results if the search keywords contain online tutorials, or it includes “how to” phrases.
  • The title of the video, name of the video file, and its description should be optimized based on your keyword search.
  • If you are creating an explainer video, optimize the content, as well as the graphics, images, and colors.
  • You can also create a video gallery or video portal so that the users can easily see what they are searching. However, you need different pages for each video.
  • Adding transcriptions can give you a huge advantage over your competitors. It is because search engines can’t fully understand audio content in videos without any textual presentation. The transcriptions allow the search engines to index the content appropriately.


  1. Give more emphasis on the content

For most SEO management, content has been king for a very long time. Content contains all messaging throughout different website from meta tags to blog posts.

However, writing a blog that is only centering on just one keyword that you selected from your keyword research is not useful anymore as it was before. That’s why we need to give more importance to the content.

Writing various blogs around one concept that is related to a keyword phrase is more useful. Keywords change from general to the long tail, and it will create more content about one topic.


  1. By using voice search

Voice search is a concept that is emphasizing because it can change SEO in a positive way. Google is researching on how to upgrade voice search by using speech quirks. Even today it has remarkable abilities like:

  • Voice searches offer you the chance to clarify your search inquiries by spelling to remove incorrections.
  • If your second search is still related to your first query, you don’t need to repeat the subject anymore. Google can already understand that your search links to the first search.
  • Google can link the search inquiry with the context on your screen.

The goal related to SEO is that the conversational search and the content are becoming more valuable because more people are using voice search every day.



There are still many other strategies that every SEO expert need to consider while creating the plans. But these are just the trending topics in the world of SEO. Don’t get stuck in trying to figure out which strategy you’ll implement, instead apply multiple strategies to ensure better visibility for your websites.

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