4 Networking Tips for Job Seeker

Networking is one key point that every job seeker should have since from their network, job seekers will be able to gather information and news regarding the field of work they are interested in. You can make use the networking events and job fairs to broaden your network. So, how is a fresh graduate can broaden their network to look for the job they have been dreaming to have? Here are the tips.

1. Be Informed

Usually, job fairs and networking events are attended by several companies in order for them to look for the best recruits for their companies. Instead of aiming to meet as many recruiters as possible in this events, you should conduct a research on what companies attend these events and then pick the ones that you are interested in joining. By doing this, your networking will be more focused and not aimless.

2. Look for a Good Connection

You need to keep in mind that networking events or eve job fairs are not a formal interview. So, instead of aiming to hand out your resumes as much as possible, you should instead look for connections from different companies you are interested in so they can remember you later on. Take time to introduce yourself and make conversations with the company reps you meet there, this should be the intentions of your networking.

3. Choose Special Stories about You

When someone is having difficulties in looking for jobs or broaden their networking, it rarely has to do with their academic achievements. Networking comes down to how you brand and present yourself in the best light possible so that you can make connections. Pick three good stories about yourself and share what you learn from those experiences when you attend networking events.

4. Shift the Focus to Them

When you are doing your networking you should not take all the focus of the conversation for yourself. Put the focus on the person you are talking to and ask them about their experience in their field of work. Doing this will leave a great impression on the recruiters you are talking to since you are willing to learn their stories.

Attending networking events and job fairs is definitely important so that your chance of landing the job you really want will be bigger. Also, it will also be quite useful later when you can make connections in the companies you are interested in working in.

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