Smart Technologies for Home Cleaning

Everybody hates home cleaning, especially when you have to do it manually. Cumbersome, tiring and time-consuming are just but a few of the words that can best describe house cleaning without the right tools, but thank goodness for technology and the minds behind it, homeowners can now enjoy a clean house and some rest simultaneously.

With technology infiltrating into the cleaning industry, it has become easier to manage cleaning chores within and without the house. Smart cleaning gadgets have especially offloaded this burden from most homeowners’ backs, and they can for once enjoy a clean and beautiful home without compromising their comfort and peace of mind. With the right smart cleaning technologies, you are guaranteed to sit back and relax while the smart home cleaning device takes care of all cleaning chores for you.

However, this comes at a price, sometimes hefty, but if you know where and how to shop, it will be quite affordable. Let us now check out some of the best home cleaning technologies you could benefit from as a homeowner.


1.Robot Mop

Unlike your mop and bucket that need to be pushed around and operated manually, a robot mop does all this work by itself. It propels itself around your home, washing all your floors without needing your intervention or effort. Thanks to its navigation sensors, you won’t have to worry about it bumping onto obstacles or falling off edges. These sensors also allow it to scan its surroundings before spraying water to loosen dirt, thus your walls and furniture will always be kept dry throughout the cleaning process. The robot mop also comes equipped with dirt sensors, and depending on the amount of dirt detected, some high end robotic mops will automatically pick the correct cleaning mode from dry sweeping, wet mopping or damp sweeping. Some let you change their cleaning pad depending on the cleaning method you prefer for different areas of your floors. Even though it is still a new technology in the market, there are quite a number of different brands and models available for you to choose.


  1. Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Given its widespread popularity, it would be a wonder for the robotic vacuum cleaner to miss from this list. This smart vacuum cleaner is a godsend, especially for households with area rugs and carpeted floors, children and pets, as they require more frequent cleaning of floors. The robotic vacuum also features navigation sensors that ensure protection from obstacle bumping and falling over edges.

The dirt detector sensors also detect dirty spots on your floors and clean back and forth, thus achieving the ultimate spotless clean. Since it connects to Wi-Fi and recharges automatically, you will never need to worry about leaving your floors dirty as you can easily get it to vacuum while you are away from home via its smartphone app. What makes it even better is its scheduling capabilities. Instead of having to wait to control the robotic vacuum every time you need your floors cleaned, you can easily schedule it to clean at specific times of the day or on particular days of the week: and you don’t need to be around for it to do so.

For the sake of your respiratory health, most of these robotic vacuums come with HEPA filtration systems that ensure the tiniest of airborne dirt and allergens are not allowed into the atmosphere. Most top-notch robotic vacuums attract quite costly prices, but they are ultimately the best smart devices you can invest in for your home. If your floors are carpeted, then it helps to invest in the robot vacuum for carpet, and if you own pets, then a pet robot vacuum will be the feasible option.


3.Robotic Pool Cleaners

Nowadays, most people own pools in their homes and we must admit that cleaning them is quite a hassle. A robotic pool cleaner comes equipped with amazing suction power coupled with loads of programming options to ensure your pool gets a thorough clean.

With the best models being Wi-Fi enabled, you can easily control them via their smartphone app, which makes them even more convenient and reliable. Apparently, some of them that can actually float on the water and clean the surface of the pool, rather than just its floor. Some can also clean the walls of the pool, which is impeccable. Instead of having to keep hiring pool-cleaning technicians from time to time, it may help a great deal to invest in the robotic pool cleaner once and for all, and start enjoying cleaning your own pool.


4.Automatic Lawn Mowers

Did you know that the appearance of your lawn is your home’s first impression? Well, now you know that you should keep it clean and trimmed. Since it is a pretty daunting task, investing in an automatic or robotic lawn mower will be you best option. Just like most smart devices, the robotic lawn mower also has a mobile app that allows you to start or stop it, monitor its progress, observe where it has mowed via its digital map and even set up mowing schedules.

Given its low-profile design, this mower can get into the tightest of spaces like under hedges and flowerbeds and mow the grass. Technically, it can mow different shapes and sizes of yards with great ease and precision. It features numerous programming options, a whisper-quiet operation, incredible cutting precision and amazing suction power, a combination of features that makes it a must-have for any serious homeowner.


5.Magnetic Window Cleaning Robot

The thought of precariously standing on a ladder while trying to clean high windows provokes so much fear among homeowners. As much as it is a cumbersome and equally dangerous job, we now have a long-lasting solution that is safer and convenient for the homeowner.

The robotic window cleaner makes use of its magnetic features to stay attached to your windowpanes as it cleans them. With its soft brushes and great suction, it can easily get rid of dust, oil stains and any other kinds of dirt without scratching the glass. Most of them come with multiple cleaning modes for different window cleaning needs. All you need to do is press its start button and position it onto the window you need cleaned. You can then control it using the remote controller or its smartphone app if available.


6.Smart Air Purifier

When cleaning our homes, we only think about the visible dirt and forget about the microscopic debris and allergens in the atmosphere. For those with allergies and asthma, there is no compromise when it comes to air purification, and getting a smart air purifier should be their top priority. A smart air purifier will get rid of any airborne dust, debris, pollen, mites and allergens.

Thanks to its HEPA filtration and charcoal purifier, the smart air purifier captures the tiniest of airborne particles while keeping household odors at bay. Its UV light and Titanium Dioxide is great for killing airborne bacteria and viruses, thus quelling the spread of airborne diseases.

There is also the option of maintaining apt humidity within the house by diffusing some moisture into the atmosphere when it is too dry. It can also diffuse pleasant smells into the air, to not only make it nice to breathe, but also to give your home a relaxing aura. You can control this automatic purifier using a remote control and a few models may give you the option of using your smartphone app.



Smart technology for cleaning your home is an endless list of devices and gadgets. Ranging from the ones discussed here, to robotic gutter cleaners, smart dishwashers and smart washing machines and dryers, there is no limit as to how many chores you can now automate at home. This is lifesaving for us, especially if you are busy and haven’t enlisted a helping hand. You only need to make a few settings on your smartphone and rest, knowing that every household cleaning chore will be taken care of without you having to lift a finger. Smart technologies at home have helped a great deal in reducing the hassle of cleaning.

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