How Apphitect IM solution helps to build a team chat app for business communication?

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Team management can get hectic as there will be loads of micro and macro level issues which cannot be addressed manually every time due to lack of connectivity. Emails are great communication tools but it is very easy to lose track of a particular transaction amidst the endless emails that pour in all day long. Instant messaging apps can fill the gap quite well.

Group communication apps can connect team players together, provide the convenience of sharing ideas, scheduling works, having discussions, sharing files, update crucial information in information to one or much and do more.

There are several other benefits that a team group chat app can reward a team with.

Communication Unbound

When a team in a corporate sector, be it an enterprise or a startup, create a group chat app through a team chat app builder for mediating all their internal communication, the following will be the benefits the team will be reaping.

  • Real-time text communication
  • Voice calls and messages
  • VOIP calls
  • Video conferencing on the go
  • Inter-team reporting

Connectivity and Device Compatibility Unbound

Compatibility is a challenge when you decide to make a group chat application compatibility becomes an issue considering the fact that everyone in a team uses different mobile devices. The operating systems and platforms differ.

Here is where a team chat app builder can help. When you go for business chat app development from the scratch, the native methodology will make it restricted to devices whereas, a team communication app built using a readymade app builder can overcome this dependency over devices and platforms.

The device independent aspect increases the chances of connectivity irrespective of the device used by team players and additionally, offline message support can help in reaching users even when they are not available.

Management Controls

Having a control over team communication app users is important in order to ensure that the app is used within certain limitations and security of data being transferred.

A team chat app builder can help you create a group chat app that allows an administrator to have control over users accessing the app, levy access permissions, improve security level and do more.

How to Build a Team Chat App for Android & iOS

To create a group chat app for Android and exclusively for iOS, custom development and ready-to-go solutions are options to choose from.

But, custom development is time-consuming. It may not be the right choice if speed-to-market is what you want. A better way to build a group chat app without spending too much time on development would be a readymade solution. A plug N play software that has the base already set up. It helps save time and effort to setup the infrastructure from scratch.

Apphitect IM solution is one of the best team communication app developing solutions that can help you create native group communication apps on iOS, Android and Windows platforms.

Apphitect IM Solution – Build Your Team Chat App

For diverse industry uses like maintenance teams, security groups, sports team, online training forums, etc.

Apphitect IM solution is a plug and plays solution that can get native real-time chat apps built on iOS and Android. This pre-built solution is bolted with features that can serve a wide range of chat use cases. From enterprise-grade confidential communication to fun-to-use social messaging, this chat app builder solution is customizable enough to accommodate changes.

5 Reasons whyApphitect IM solution is worth considering:

Reason 1: Technicalities

Apphitect IM solution is powered some of the best technologies that power instant messaging apps SnapChat, WhatsApp etc. Apphitect IM solution users Ejabberd server and Erlang language, XMPP protocol, HMAC encryption, Mnesia, MySQL, Cassandra database and Amazon S3 bucket.

Reason 2: 100% Customizable

Apphitect IM solution is one of the best team chat app developing solution that is hyper accommodative towards changes of any kind. From design changes to functional customizations, your chat app can be bolted with features specific to your business needs.

Reason 3: Multi-faceted

Apphitect IM solution can be used to build instant-messaging apps for a variety of purposes like personal chat, social messaging, enterprise-grade communication apps and in-app messaging apps.

Reason 4: Hand picked features

A comprehensive collection of hand picked features like group chat, personal chat, offline messages, presence indicators, privacy settings, social integrations, seamless sync, locations, voice calling, video calling, multimedia sharing, searchability and more makesApphitect IM solution a perfect fit for business chat app development.

Reason 5: AWS Cloud

It can be deployed on Amazon cloud server which offers limitless scalability capability. Your app will never experience downtime issues and can go on with unlimited storage capacity.

A best team communication app can do wonders in improving team collaboration and ditching out communication lags. developing a team that’s available all time, responds to instructions in a flash and collaborates well to get work done is the need of the hour and businesses of all sizes and types should embrace it.

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