The Benefits of Owning Encaustic Tiles

With their first known use coming back in medieval times, it is fair to say that the encaustic tiles have been around for quite a lot of time. In this period which spans over centuries, the encaustic tiles have seen many resurgences. Their long-lasting nature is thanks to them being made from clays of different colors rather than focusing on the glaze. In the twenty-first century encaustic tiles have once again seen a new light as they have become a mainstay in the home design category.  In the period of revivalism, encaustic tiles have taken a new role and have become the center of attention of the interior design industry. 

Not only are they aesthetically pleasing but they possess many advantages as well. Below are a few pros that the encaustic tiles bring with themselves. 

Pros of Owning Encaustic Tiles


Encaustic tiles are famous for their resilience. Many of the encaustic tiles which were crafted in the medieval times can be still found in fantastic condition.  There are still many ancient churches which have encaustic tiles fitted in them from olden times, and are, to the surprise of no one, still in excellent condition. It is this resilience that makes encaustic tiles versatile enough to be used in every environment possible. Be it the kitchen, bathroom, floor, or walls, people use encaustic tiles to make their homes and workplaces to be durable and spill-proof.

Beautiful Design

Due to their incredibly beautiful pattern, these tiles look pleasing in any environment they are placed in. Hotels and workplaces use these tiles to give themselves a fresh, diverse look. People can use them to give their homes a classic feel which can be decorated freely. 

These pros of encaustic tiles can captivate large sums of people towards buying them. For the ease of people, a London based company Maitland & Poate has launched an online website from where people can buy encaustic tiles easily. The site contains many vintage tiles that can appease anyone’s taste. The site provides people with a lot of options in their search for buying suitable encaustic tiles. The site has even sorted the encaustic tiles in subsections of the bathroom, hallway, exterior, and kitchen so that the customers can easily find the tiles of their liking. The tile-based company is truly a wonderland for anyone searching for vintage and aesthetic tiles.

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