7 Advantages of Using PayPal to Buy Online


PayPal is hands down the largest online payment system that offers a variety of online payment solutions. With over 325 million active users around the world, PayPal is growing on its active users by 17% every year. Ease of use, better transaction fees with unquestionable security are the reasons behind the popularity. Online e-commerce website owners often worry about the security of their database and the trust of their customers. 

Especially after eBay got the partnership with PayPal, the acceptance of PayPal on the world e-commerce platform has become prominent. If you’re new to PayPal and wondering why people rely entirely on PayPal to pay with PayPal, I’ll help you understand that. Stick to the article to know why you should use your PayPal account to pay for online purchases.

7 Advantages of Using PayPal to Buy Online

PayPal offers some impressive features and benefits that make it the best payment system. Here are the 7 advantages you’ll get if you use a PayPal account to pay for your online purchases: 

Card or Bank Account Security

The most common way to get scammed online is to get your card or bank account information compromised. When you shop online and pay for a good or service, you have to put your card information for the payment. If the website you’re putting your information in gets hacked, all your information goes to the hacker’s hand. It’s not rare that e-commerce platforms with less security often get hacked, and the hackers steal the customer’s information. 

However, if you use PayPal to make the payment, you can easily avoid this security issue. If the seller accepts PayPal as the payment system, you can pay without sharing your card information with the website. Link your card to your PayPal account and use the PayPal account number instead of using the card itself. 

Flexibility of Multiple Accounts

Have you ever been through the hassle of getting declined after putting your card information on a website? Well, it’s a common issue people face after a credit limitation or a problem in the card. However, with PayPal, you can avoid the embarrassment and pay the seller the first time you try to pay for the service or good. 

You can add multiple cards and bank account to your PayPal account to fund your PayPal account. When a card goes empty, you can easily link another card to the account and continue shopping without hassle. PayPal will make sure you’re successfully making the purchase the first time you make the payment. 

Sending or Requesting Money

PayPal is the most convenient transaction solution that helps you send money to other people without wasting time. Whether you have to send money to your child from the other side of the globe or to split the dinner bills, PayPal has your back. With PayPal, you can send money to your closed people without any charges for the transaction. 

You can use the Friends and Family option on PayPal to send them money without waiting for the transaction or paying an extra charge. PayPal also helps you request your friend to give you money without paying any transaction fees.

Handheld Transaction on the go

PayPal has an application for smartphones that makes it way easier to make transactions and stay updated in no time. You can install the PayPal app from the iTunes store or Play Store on your phone and stay sharp with your PayPal account. The app allows you to pay your bills with PayPal, send money, see the transaction history, or make a purchase without using it. 

If you have to transfer some money to your friend you met on the street, you both can send and receive the money on sight. If you lose your smartphone, nobody can transfer any amount because it will ask for your pin while making a transaction. Furthermore, you can hold the account from transactions on the website. 

Doing Online Auctions

eBay is the largest online auction website where you can place bids, make purchases, and build your business. Talking about PayPal is never complete without mentioning eBay because PayPal is an integrated part of eBay. PayPal can be your security ticket while doing risky online auctions, as there are plenty of fraud sellers and buyers here. 

PayPal will provide sellers and buyers protection to keep you safe from fraudulent activities while placing bids. If you buy something on eBay or other websites and don’t get the purchased item as described, you can file a dispute. PayPal will take the money from the seller and refund your money back to your account. 

Online Shopping Cost for PayPal

One of the best reasons people love PayPal is the cost of running the account; it’s free! There are no annual or monthly subscription fees if you use PayPal as your online payment solution. PayPal doesn’t charge you for the service they provide; rather, they have transaction fees, which is also free. 

Although PayPal is giving you a lot of services along with some high-end advantages, they keep it free of charges. Depending on what type of account you have, the charges may differ, but the charges are highly competitive for the other options. 

Discounts for Online Shopping 

There are many reasons you can call PayPal the most reliable method for your online payment solution. It comes with reasonable charges for transactions and discounts while shopping from most of the prominent e-commerce sites. You can avail discounts for your online shopping if the vendor or e-commerce site accepts PayPal integration. PayPal can provide you discounts for the selected retailers; you can visit PayPal’s shopping site and know about the latest offers and discounts. 

Final Words

Using PayPal can be the best option, whether you’re an online seller who doesn’t want to get scammed or a buyer who needs protection for his money. PayPal is super easy to set up and fairly simple to use when it comes to paying for an item or maintaining the account.

However, you must not forget that PayPal doesn’t allow any kind of fraud activity and keeps its users safe from fraudulent activities. 

You must not use your PayPal account for any wrong moves or do any transactions for banned items or services. Never try to use their services for unjust activities because they are good at catching the frauds, and that’s how they have the reputation on top. 

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