What Readers Want During the Coronavirus Pandemic: How to Market to You Audience Amid COVID-19

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed the American way of life for the past few months and it seems like it will be a while before it’s back to normal. During this time, people have lost their jobs, friends and family members, and a sense of security and safety. When a global crisis hits, you can’t continue business as usual. It’s time to take a look at what readers really want during this time and how you can successfully market to your audience. Here’s what you need to know.

Do something to show you care.

Your readers want to know that you understand the impacts of a global pandemic. Your email blasts and social media posts can’t make it seem like everything is normal. Millions of people lost their jobs due to the Coronavirus and a recession may be on the way. Your loyal customers might be out of work and unable to devote the same funds to shopping that they could before the pandemic. Your marketing attempts should show that you care about your customers and want to help.

Many businesses have waived fees or given a few months of a subscription for free. An act like this shows that you understand the financial struggles your clients are facing and want to do what you can. This doesn’t mean you start giving away free products or services (you are still running a business), but an act of compassion and generosity will show that you recognize what’s going on and care about your customers. They’ll remember this when they’re no longer unemployed and ready to shop again.

Don’t fill their inboxes with emails.

You might find yourself with a lot of time if business has slowed due to the pandemic, but that doesn’t mean you should fill that time by spamming your customers. A few well-timed emails are important and show your customers that you care about current events. You can and should let your clients know how you’re handling the pandemic—whether or not you’re closing, how you’re caring for employees, what you’re doing to keep yourself and customers safe.

You shouldn’t be sending a daily update explaining how you’re spending each day in quarantine. Let your clients know the basics and move on. A full inbox with emails just from you will quickly encourage even your most loyal customers to click “unsubscribe.”

Add unique and important content to your website.

Marketing during this time doesn’t need to take a backseat and it shouldn’t. While you don’t want to overwhelm customers with content, you do want to create unique and important engagement. With so many businesses saying the same thing right now, make your company stand out.

Tell a personal story on your website about how you’ve been affected by the pandemic. Explain why you opened your business in the first place and why you’ll continue to operate once this crisis has ceased. Spend a day volunteering to bring food or items to families in need and then describe your experience.

A great company like SERPtheory can help you craft content for your site that shows the heart of your brand and brings in clients. The more meaningful your site’s content is, the more likely it is that you will continue to grow as a business, even if you’re currently closed. Readers want to support companies who’ve proven that they care about the world in which they live. Use your website to prove that you’re making a difference and engaging with your local community. Let SEO experts help you create a website that stands out from the crowd.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, do what you can to keep readers and customers engaged. Tell them how you’re making a difference and don’t overwhelm them with content. When life returns to normal, they’ll remember your reaction.

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