Fun Things to Do in Vientiane After Dark

After a long day of sightseeing around the city of Vientiane, you may just want to kick back with a cold drink and enjoy a good meal. And there are plenty of fun places to do just that. But there also are some fun things to do in Vientiane that will show you a bit of the cultural flavour of the capital city of Laos as well.  

The majority of the residents of Laos follow the creed of “early to bed, early to rise”, but there is some excellent nightlife around the city that you should explore.

One of the most pleasant things to do in Vientiane is simply take a stroll along the promenade down by the Mekong River. You’ll encounter lots of Vientiane residents who like to eat along the promenade and enjoy the cool evening breezes off the river.

You might also take a taxi ride around the city to view the landmarks you saw on your sightseeing excursion earlier in the day. The city has dramatic lighting displays that bathe the landmarks of the city in picturesque lights in the evening. Don’t forget to bring a camera along with you.

Afterwards, head for some of the nightspots of Vientiane to experience the fun things to do in Vientiane.

Elephant Lounge

This bar in the lobby of the Crowne Plaza Vientiane hotel is one of the hotspots for the movers and shakers of Vientiane. It’s a sophisticated, but comfortable atmosphere with an extensive menu that includes their own signature whiskey, as well as a full range of cocktails, wines and beers.

They also offer a range of delectable snacks to nibble on while you people-watch in laid-back, and air-conditioned comfort. For travelers who enjoy the finer things in life, make the Elephant Lounge one of your primary destinations while you’re in Vientiane.  

Bor Pen Nyang

For those who enjoy a lively, western atmosphere, complete with pool tables fajitas and pizza and rock n’ roll music in the background, come to Bor Pen Nyang.

This is a four-story bar and restaurant right along the river that offers outdoor dining and drinking on a terrace with a river-view or air-conditioned indoor dining. You’ll find an eclectic variety of backpackers, locals and seasoned travelers out for an evening of fun things to do in Vientiane and a few games of pool.

The Spirit House Bar and Restaurant

This is one of the signature nightspots in Vientiane that delivers an exotic and elegant dining and drinking experience that is unforgettable. From the old wooden shophouse to the creative drinks they offer, the Spirit House Bar and Restaurant is unique. 

Try a Martini with sake and pickled ginger, or a green-tea infused gin and tonic. If those aren’t your cup of tea, they also have a complete line of beers, wines, spirits and cocktails. You’ll find a crowd of mostly upscale locals and expat residents of Vientiane at this elegant establishment.

These establishments are only a sample of what’s available after the sun goes down in Vientiane. Although it’s known as a quiet, provincial capital city, there are exciting and fun things to do in Vientiane after dark.

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