How to Rent a PO Box

It is not always comfortable to give out your home address and this is why people think of renting a PO Box. With a postal office, all your mail is delivered to a known-by-you, box at your local post office where you will be paying a monthly fee.

If you live in the US, you can rent a PO Box in a simple procedure. Unlike the years of our grandfathers, where you had to go into your local post office to sign up for a PO Box, USPS has made the procedure to be simple and easy and time- saving. What you need is to get on the internet and complete your sign up process including the payment. It has become a hassle-free task.

What are the benefits that come with renting a PO Box?

Security is enhanced:
PO Box is locked by post offices all day all night and if you want to collect your mail, you have to produce a proof that you are the owner; you will be required to present your ID card.

Better privacy:
With a PO Box, you get an opportunity to use a mailing address which you use instead of your home address.

A permanent address:
Depending on the location you are or your business is, with a PO Box, you get an opportunity to have a permanent address.

Concise addresses:
You get an address with few characters which is easy to remember and at the same time, appears professional.

Affordable service:
A PO Box fee can be as little as £5 which is paid on a monthly basis.

Let’s learn how to get a PO Box quickly without hassle:

  1. Fill out application forms

The first step is to get the application Form 1583 filled which you can do it or download the forms and go with them to your nearby post office. However, you must first pick a PO Box location and size and this is after you have decided the location of your PO Box plus the size of your mailbox. Note that when it comes to renting a PO Box, the location should be crucial. Remember all PO Boxes stay inside the post office. It is common for people to want to have a PO Box near their home or place of work for convenience purposes. This is also possible.

After that, you will be required to decide the PO Box size. PO Box has 5 different sizes. There is the small size that comes in two small sizes up to 5.5 inches, the medium size and two other large sizes.  Note that fees are paid according to the inches. You are required to pick the size depending on how much mail you get, the type of mail you will be receiving and the duration you will be picking up your mail.

Remember to indicate the person who will be responsible for picking up your mail and list their names on the application form 1583.

  1. Present two forms of IDs with you

Check on the USPS portal to make sure the size of the postal box you are renting is available and go your nearest post office with your two forms of ID. Pick a PO BOX rental form which is a variation of Form 1583 and fill it out. After you fill out your PO Box rental form, take it back to the counter and get your keys after paying the required fees. You may decide to pay a one year fee but if you don’t wish you can reserve it for 3 months or 6.

  1. Redirect your mail

Now that you have got your PO Box, you will be required to redirect your mail to your new box. This can also be done online or you can get a Change of Address Form at your nearest post office. Fill out the Change of Address Form and take it back to the posts office. Your mail will now be redirected to your new address via a mail forwarding service.

Quick overview

  1. Fill out application forms which can either be done online or download and fill the application Form 1583.
  2. Present two forms of IDs with you at your nearest post office
  3. Redirect your mail.



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