Top 5 Corporate Employee Transportation Service Providers!

Employee transportation has become an integral part of employee benefits plan across all industries. This not only makes the commute for your employees easy but is equally rewarding for the company as well and it improves employee satisfaction and engagement, which is key to ensuring higher productivity. However, in recent times, this service has seen a downside with many employees complaining about harassment, rule violation and a careless attitude from drivers and the car rental companies. This is exactly why it has become imperative to opt for care rental services from top corporate employee transportation service providers.

The following are top employee transportation services providers to keep an eye on!

4 Wheel Travels

One of the biggest and oldest car rental companies for employees, 4 Wheel Travels has more than 400 cars in service across India. They also have an outsourcing plan with every rule kept in mind while selecting the rental companies and drivers. With panic buttons and GPS equipped vehicles, they provide one of the best services in the country in terms of performance and safety.

60KMPH Transport Service

60KMPHTransport Service believes in 100% transparency and hence only accepts online payments for all their services. Another incredible initiative they have taken up is the use of CNG enabled vehicles, making the ride environmentally friendly as well. With their motto being Comfortable, Safe, Punctual And Affordable Rides, they are surely living up to the expectation.

Ambassador Tours & Travels

Believing that ‘Quality is Everything’, Ambassador Tours & Travels are one of the best when it comes to car rental solutions for the transportation of employees. Automated processes, verified drivers and top notch quality standards are some of the features that make them different from most other companies in India. With panic buttons in their vehicles, they are also one of the most reliable car rental services in India. Whenever a customer pushes the button, the backend team gets to know about it due to the automation policy and in turn notifies the local police immediately. As a rider, you will always feel safe with these services.

Sea Hawk Travels

Strictly speaking of corporate and employee car rental services, there is no company better than Sea Hawk Travels. With exemplary services spread across all the 6 major cities with maximum employment in the country, they cater to a huge number of clients in an efficient manner. If your company is in Gurugram, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai or Hyderabad, look no further than Sea Hawk Travels for your employee transportation needs. They cover corporate events, corporate fleet management, bus or car rentals, luxury rentals and even offer electric vehicle fleets to cover all their bases. With GPS tracking and panic buttons in every vehicle, this Sea Hawk ensures that every ride is safe for all employees. Furthermore, Sea Hawk also employs experienced drivers in their fleet to ensure that no employee meets with an unfortunate accident. With 24×7 transportation and customer care service, you are sure to get the best services during any time of the day.

A E Mart                                                                                             

If you are talking about all-round transportation solutions, AE Mart is one of the best in the world as it not only focuses on employee transportation services but is good at supply chain logistics, events, client transportation and much more. With so many services, they are surely taking the industry of transportation services in India by storm. With so many trusted corporate employee transportation service providers in India, you can ensure that your employees have a safe, restful and speedy commute. So, provide your employees with not just comfort but safety as well through by picking any of these top 5 compani

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