Best Italian Christmas Cookies that Make Magnifico Holiday Gift

Italian Christmas Cookies

Italy is a gorgeous European nation with 20 distinctive regions, which are further divided into countless provinces and villages. Many of these places are favorite of foodies as they produce some of the most delicious Italian cookies. These traditional baked treats are beyond basic sugar cookies.

When the holiday season is in full swing and people are decorating their Christmas trees, Italians celebrate the festivity with a bit of a tastier way: Baking Christmas cookies. These treats make a delicious addition to a holiday cookie plate.

In addition to enjoying these desserts with family, many like to gift them to their dear ones. Several Italy-based brands make cookies using traditional recipes and supply them to different parts of the world. These baked treats can be added to food baskets for Christmasto make wonderful holiday gifts.

Here are Italian-inspired Christmas cookies to indulge in the sweetness of the holiday season:

1. Almond Biscotti

Biscotti, also known as cantucci, are traditional Italian almond biscuits whose origin belongs to the city of Prato. These are twice-baked biscuits popular for their crunchy and buttery flavor. In the modern-day world, there are several ways to make these oblong-shaped treats. Some of them do not include almonds as an ingredient.

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However, the traditional recipes have almonds as a primary ingredient. Although there are countless recipes to make biscotti, it is not easy to achieve their authentic taste. The best way is to buy almond biscotti from a reputed store that offers products made by Italy-based brands.   

2. Amaretti

These are Italian macaroons that can be found throughout the European country. Its texture may range from soft and chewy to crispy. Although some cookie brands and chefs outside Italy claim to produce amaretti carrying traditional flavors, the best version can be experienced only through a brand from the region that follows traditional recipes.

Many add amaretti to their holiday plate to bring versatility to their table. The cookies also make delicious treats to add to a holiday gift basket and let others taste the traditional tastes of the region. There are also gluten-free Christmas cookies that are the perfect treat for people allergic to gluten. 

3. Pignoli

Pignoli is a macaroon, originally from Sicily. They are extremely famous holiday cookies throughout the country. Today, their popularity is crossing European boundaries and spreading all over the world.

Made of almond paste, Pignoli are soft and chewy biscuits. They make a delicious Christmas treat. In addition to enjoying them over a cup of coffee, they make wonderful Christmas cookiesto add to a holiday gift basket.

4. Ricotta

Italy is heaven for cake lovers, and ricotta cookies are little bites of cake. These are soft cookies with a mild flavor and colorful sprinkles. There are many versions of ricotta, but lemon ricotta cookies are extremely popular among foodies. In addition to traditional ingredients, they come with lemon juice and lemon zest.

Ricotta are wonderful, delicious treats that almost all Italian families have in their house during the festive season. They enjoy them over a cup of coffee or gift them to others. People can buy Italian Christmas cookies online and gift them to their loved ones.

In the end

Italian Christmas cookiescan make the holiday season tastier than ever. Made using quality ingredients and traditional recipes, cookies by reputed brands can take people back to the time when these delicious treats were invented. These cookies have been enjoyed by Europeans for a long time. Now, they can be added to a holiday basket to make others experience the traditional taste of the region.

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