Determining if You Did a Great Job Organising an Event

It’s crucial for you to evaluate your performance in organising an event. You need to know if people loved the event, and which aspect you have to improve for future events. You can learn from the assessment so that you won’t make the same mistakes. 

If the event had lots of problems, people would have raised their complaints. However, if you did well, you might not have heard anyone tell you about it, even if the attendees loved the event.

There were no major complaints

It’s common for attendees to raise issues about an event. Even the smallest problems will be a massive deal for them. However, if you didn’t receive any serious complaints and you were able to solve the issues raised on the spot, it shows that you did a fantastic job. People are quick to complain, and if they didn’t, it’s a good thing.

The people remained engaged until the end

You will quickly know if the attendees were unhappy with the event. They won’t hesitate to leave the venue. They might even frown on their way out. If the attendees didn’t have terrible reactions and some of them even partied until the end, it’s a good sign. It means that they had a great time, and they loved every part of the event.

You sat almost the entire time

As the main organiser, you might keep walking back and forth during the event because you have to take care of several things. If you didn’t have to stand a lot, and you even managed to join the celebration, it means that you handled everything well. The people you assigned to do the tasks did their jobs well, and the suppliers you chose didn’t have significant issues to deal with.

The suppliers hope to forge partnerships with you in the future 

Although suppliers want to earn money by expanding their network, they will also say no under certain circumstances. For instance, if you’re an organiser who is challenging to work with, they will not partner with you again. If they assessed the event to be a disaster, they won’t want to be associated with you in the future. They also have to protect their reputation. If they told you that they want more collaboration, you surely did a great job.

Your bosses or clients expressed gratitude 

Some clients might be rude if they didn’t like the event. They will pay you because they have to and walk away. However, if they felt like you did great, they will thank you. They know that the event wouldn’t have materialised if not for your efforts and creativity.

When you see these things after the event, it means that you did great. You don’t need to feel frustrated because of some minor issues. They’re inevitable. The point is that people appreciated your work, and they want more from you. Make sure you keep your partnership with suitable suppliers since you already know that they will deliver. You can also search online for event venues near me if you wish to have a different venue for future events.

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