10 Effective strategies: How to promote your blog

You may have written your blog but now what should you do? You have to go and promote it. It takes some effort to stand out in the world of blogging.

Your blog may be great but it does need a boost: referring domains. Link Building is not dead. So In this post we’ll provide 10 effective strategies on how to promote your blog.

1. Create an amazing post

First, start by creating a blog that people want to link to. Something like the Skyscraper Technique. Create something so great that people feel compelled to take a look at. Every time Brian Dean writes a blog you get the feeling that your missing out if you don’t take a look. It’s packed full of information and content.

2. Get social

Join social media like a subreddit. But don’t just join and start promoting your blog. Perhaps that’s not the best way to go about it. Go and ask questions or solve someone’s problem. Get involved. Then, when the time is right to publish your content you can let everyone know.

3. Email

Build an email list. Don’t have one yet? Start building subscribers with great seo tools like SumoMe and OptinMonster. It will generate an audience and people who will read your post.  You can start a drip campaign for those who have signed up for your blog.

And, you can even add your blog in your email signature.

10x your growth with email marketing. You can gain subscribers and email them when you’ve published your blog. After your subscribers read it they’ll tell their friends. Those friends will end up subscribing. But the blog must be GREAT.

“How to promote your blog? Think 10X”

3. Plugins (WordPress users)

If you’re a WordPress user, plugins like Sassy Social Share or Social Warfare will help users share your content across platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

4. FB Business Page

You can easily share your blog on your Facebook business page. Share your blog with some pictures for better CTR. Although there’s no universal “best time to post on Facebook” you should look into your FB insight data for the best times to post.

5. Linkedin

If you’re a business professional, posting to LinkedIn is a great way to promote. Just like any other platform, building trust and authority is key. A common mistake is to only promote and wait for results to kick in. Ask questions, get involved. Join a Linkedin group and introduce yourself. Build a connection… then promote.  

6. Quora

Quora is a great way to promote your content. It’s an in depth Q&A site. It’s also an excellent place to show that you are an authority in your niche.

Start by finding and following topics in your industry. You can search for questions in your niche

For example: “blogs”

and then give a detailed answer. You also have the option to answer later and Quora will auto-save your post. Then link back to your blog post.

5. Twitter

Right when you publish your blog you should tweet it. Then don’t be shy to tweet it again. Your Call To Action should eye catching and effective.

Use hashtags when appropriate. Head over to riteag.com and search for your topic. For ex. blog

Thank your followers for sharing your post with a short gif or video. You can even link to your blog on Twitter in your profile.

7. Repurposing

Repurpose your content into something else like a podcast. People love to hear people talk and podcasts are extremely convenient in today’s faced paced world. Think about it.  How many blogs can you read while you have everything else to do. It’s a very passive way of digesting information. And, if anything, you can say “hey listeners if you have time, you can read a version of this podcast at …”

8. Slightly Controversial

By being a bit controversial whether on social media or your forum you’ll draw attention to yourself. People will want to see what’s going on with you! That will lead to more people reading your blog post. If you disagree with someone on a topic or in the comment section of a post let them know.

9. Similar Shares

Find content that has been shared already. Then, reach out to the author. Take a program like Buzzsumo  and search your topic:

Go to the URL after downloading the Hunter plugin for Chrome. Search for someone you wish to contact at the company. Reach out and say something like “Hey, I really enjoyed your previous article about ___ .” Incidentally, I have something similar that might be a great follow up. [describe your concept]. Let me know your thoughts.


–       Name

10. Forums

There are so many active forums and inbound makes it extremely easy to share your content from within a thread. You just need to find, join, and start conversing. When the time is right, share your blog.

Simply head over to Google and enter:

“ keyword + “forum”

“keyword +” powered by vbulletin”

“keyword + “board”


These 10 strategies are extremely effective ways of promoting your blog.

Which one will you use?


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