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A Saree, formerly known as “Satika” is a women’s most compelling ceremonial attire. Every Indian woman awaits an opportunity to adorn herself in this beautiful Indian attire. Accessories have always been a part of Indian culture, no matter the outfit. They have the ability to turn any basic outfit into a glamorous one. Wearing the right set of accessories amps up a saree adding a royal touch. We’re here to help you find the best-suited accessories that will add vogue to your designer latest saree making you look all glammed up in the most effortless way.

  1. Bindis

Applying bindi on the forehead is an age-old way of adding elegance to your ethnic outlook. It is one of the most beloved accessories that women adorn with their beautiful nine yards of elegance. Previously, only vermilions were available, but today, you can find bindis in numerous sizes, colours, and shapes. A plain oval or circle-shaped bindi works well with a simple plain coloured fabric whereas a heavily embroidered saree may look good with a rhinestone bindi.

  • Brooches

Brooch is a supremely royal ornament worn over sarees that seamlessly offers a regal appearance. With time, brooches have become an integral element of fashion. A brooch usually consists of pearls, diamonds, or rhinestones. This versatile accessory performs a major role by replacing the typical large pins. Brooches help you hold the pallu and pleats of your saree in one place without making you feel uncomfortable. Moreover, they also give an elite look.

  • Statement Jewelry

A piece of jewellery that is worn to be noticed is statement Jewellery. Such jewellery is mostly worn over simple plaited sarees. It involves unique pieces that you can easily experiment with. Heavy and large pendants beautifully complement minimalist designer sarees. At the same time, thin bracelets and chains accentuate the grace of your attire.

  • Waist belts

Waist belts, also known as “Kamarbandh” is an ‘ancient’ classic ornament that is back in the trend with some stylish upgrades. Previously, they were made up of silver and gold chains with designs of rhinestones on them. But now, they are available in a plethora of designs and materials. Currently, a western belt is also worn over sarees to break the stereotypes and give a classy look.

  • Hair accessory

A  simple hair accessory is always a good idea to elevate the look of your saree. Flowers wrapped or placed in a bun beautifully accentuate the beauty of the adorner and the attire.  You can also go bold by wearing a ready-made bun to increase the volume of your ordinary hair bun. You can also opt for artificial floral buns or beaded hair “Juda” or “Veni” on your georgette saree.

These fine accessories will help you enhance your look and make you appear more vibrant. Don’t forget to add these to yourshopping list. The best part about hair accessories is that you can also wear them on yourKurti pants set and match them with your readymade salwar suit in your wardrobe.

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