Top Common Office Moving Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Businesses relocate all the time for a wide range of reasons. Either you’re expanding your business and need a bigger office, or you’re after the smaller office because you’re implementing remote work strategy, or maybe your business would be a better fit in another city. Whatever the reason, if you’re planning on relocating your office – you need to be wary of a few things that could make your move extremely frustrating. Go through our most common mistakes business owners make when moving, and do your best not to repeat them.

Bad Timing

The best advice anyone can give you for a successful relocation is to plan ahead. There are two main aspects you need to consider when you’re timing to move your office.

  • Cut your losses – Relocating an office is a time -onsuming affair, and you don’t want to be doing it if you’re in the middle of an important contract. Being late on delivery can potentially lose you a contract, and get you some bad reputation. It’s extremely important to plan your business ahead, so that you can relocate at a date when it’s going to hurt your finances the least.
  • Avoid rush hour – Business owners usually don’t worry about the rush-hour or bad weather. But the fact is, the chances of your items being damaged are highest in transit. That’s why you want to spend the least time possible in traffic. You might’ve insured your items, but if they get damaged or destroyed, it can seriously hurt your capabilities to continue working without delays.

No Insurance

You already have relocation expenses, and insurance should be among them, simply because you’ll be paying a lot more if some of your expensive equipment gets damaged. It’s a gamble no business owner should be willing to make. The obvious choice is to take the insurance from the moving company that you hired. Second, much better option is to take a business insurance that will cover transit clauses, thus saving you the headaches both while you’re relocating, and while you’re running an office.

Moving Everything You Own

Different offices have different needs, and some of the stuff you had in your old office just won’t fit or won’t be needed in the new one. It can be extremely frustrating to have everything dropped to your new office, only to realize that now you have to move some of the stuff again. And if you’re moving to a smaller office, but are expecting to grow your business, you can store some of your stuff in supercheap storage units until you need them again.  It will not only make the relocation of your necessities easier but also cheaper.

Moving Too Late

Holding off your relocation until the last possible moment is the way most business owners perceive how it should be done. While you may gain the maximum usage of your current office, you will also leave no margin for error during your relocation process. If something goes wrong, some of your stuff might still be in your old office when the new tenants arrive, and you can get charged for not moving out by the time you agreed on. Again, it’s a gamble no business owner should make, so plan your relocation at least a couple of days before the date you said you’d be gone.

Not Relocating Online

We are living in the 21st century, the digital era. The rise of social media, online businesses, and online advertising has made it impossible for almost any business to succeed without them. So when a business changes address, the change should be reflected on your website as well. If you forget to do this, you may look unprofessional and lose some of the reputation you’ve been trying to acquire over the years. Not to mention that your SEO won’t be optimized if you forget to change the information, thus scoring you less traffic.


Relocating a household can be extremely difficult and frustrating, but relocating an office even more so. You need to be prepared for the worst at all times because your future directly depends on it. Uncertainty is something that shouldn’t even be considered, so make sure that you plan ahead, and that you avoid making one of these mistakes we covered in our guide. And if everything goes well, you’ll soon be back on your feet in your new shiny office.


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