5 Reasons to pursue MBA foundation

5 Reasons to pursue MBA foundation5 Reasons to pursue MBA foundation

MBA has always been a popular degree and many of you would be planning to pursue it in the future. Though in certain cases student either don’t match the requirements of MBA or have limited understanding of business and management. If you are an international student and are facing this issue then it can be a hurdle in your professional dreams.

But don’t let this scare you choose this Master’s degree in foundation will help you fill all the requisite knowledge gaps. Foundation MBA or pre-MBA will provide you with all the necessary understanding of MBA fundamentals and equip you to study and use this degree in your career path. 

What is MBA Foundation?

MBA Foundation course ensures that international students are well prepared to study MBA at any foreign university and not get overwhelmed by the numerous key concepts of the program. Candidates who don’t have relevant experience in management or lack higher education in this field will gain an understanding of core knowledge integral to the MBA and the business field. 

The program gives you a platform to get acquainted with numerous tools and practically apply them during class training. It also builds your confidence and enhances your overview of this vast subject. 

While 60% of global students are interested in doing an MBA, they are not sufficiently prepared to meet the challenges of the course. It’s understandable to get confused consuming the detailed and vast load of knowledge that the program carries. Guess what? You can prepare in advance for this challenge through an MBA foundation program and here is it is made possible. 

Benefits of MBA Foundation 

The pre-MBA has a richly detailed curriculum which covers all the essentials that a business student must know of. The program builds your professional and academic knowledge by addressing all-important subject areas. This means by the end of the course, you have an in-depth understanding of what to expect in your full-time MBA degree. Some of the core topics that are part of the course curriculum are shared below: 

  • Business and Academic Writing

This module is specifically focused on writing documents and preparing presentations. Being articulate in written communication and preparing a good presentation is a basic requirement of all MBA program. The module helps in the following: 

Context and audience analysis;

  • Identifying underlining message in content 
  • Using visuals to enhance written communication;
  • Making written communication comprehensible to all; 
  • Allowing easy retrieval of useful data from the communicated information.  
  • Quantitative skills for business 

This module helps you gain expertise in using statistics and figures to understand the purpose of any data. This skill is immensely valuable to a business professional especially those working in finance, accounting or even project management. 

  • Economics from a business perspective 

This particular module helps students understand economic concepts that are highly important to the business field. You will also learn the practical usage of concepts such as economic fluctuations; components of supply, demand and elasticity, taxes and price regulation and more. 

Foundation MBA is a fabulous platform for anyone who wants to gain a deeper look into what an MBA program entails. If you lack exposure to the management field and are unaware of its key fundamentals, then this course can be of great value to you. 

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