The Best Way to Dismiss a Traffic Ticket in Texas

When the person who got a ticket under traffic violation completes a Ticket dismissal course or a Defensive driving course then it can help him in getting rid of that ticket. Even this can help in receiving insurance discounts.

There are many ways in which one person can get a Defensive Driving Certificate Texas. Everyone has to do a course in order to get that certificate. These courses are both online and offline. Depending on the convenience of the person they can select one from both options.

Reasons why people take this course

There are many reasons why people will be interested in taking a defensive driving course. Some of them are given below

  • Professional drivers who have to drive on roads regularly for delivery, bus drivers, or ambulance drivers will take these courses as they have to show them to their employers.
  • For people who have a Defensive Driving Certificate Texas will have a chance at a low insurance rate and because of this people often go for this course.
  • For teens and drivers who are new to driving, they take the defensive driving course as that will increase their safety on the road.
  • The most common reason why people living in the United States take this course is to get out of a court case or to secure them from losing their license.

How to get rid of a traffic ticket in Texas?

  1.  The person who got a ticket has to reach out to the court and request them to allow them to take a defensive driving course.
  2. The person has to submit all the required documents and forms in court.
  3. Enroll and complete a defensive driving course and get a Defensive Driving Certificate in Texas.
  4. Once the course is done, they have to submit the certificate to the court.

Requirements that the culprit has to meet in order for the court to permit taking a course

  • The person should have a valid non-commercial driver’s license
  • The case on which he got a ticket should not be more than the 25MPH speed limit.
  • The person should not have already completed the defensive driving course in the past 12 months.
  • The accident or the issue should be done at a construction site.

What will be taught during the course?

  • The course tells the students the strategies that can help them to avoid accidents on the road.
  • They explain to the students’ things like maintaining a safe space between cars.
  • They will also tell them how to give proper signaling and avoid accidents.
  • They will explain how they can watch the environment and other fellow drivers while on the road that can help them drive safely.
  • When the weather is not good, snow or ice can make driving very difficult. These are also addressed during the course.


The same Defensive Driving Certificate Texas can be used both for ticket dismissal and also for an insurance discount. A certificate is valid for three years in Texas to claim for any sort of insurance discount.

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