How To Maintain Your Small Texas Farm

If you’re the proud owner of a small Texas farm, you know the importance of proper maintenance. Whether you inherited the family farm or just bought your dream property in Texas, find out how caring for your equipment, mending fences and investing in convenient tools like a skid steer mower can make all the difference.

Care for Your Equipment

Tractors wear out over time. Not all your farm workhorses are literal horses, so it’s important to inspect your machines on a regular basis. Tractors and pickup trucks are the most common equipment for a small farm, but skid steers and ATVs are also very popular options. A skid steer, with the right attachments, can handle a wide range of projects around the farm. Look for a skid steer grapple for sale and other tools to upgrade your equipment.

Inspect all your vehicles to see if it’s time to oil and grease them. You wouldn’t drive your truck for thousands of miles without considering an oil change, so check the recommended maintenance schedule for your tractors, off-road vehicles and skid steers.

Maintain Your Fences

A quality fence can last for decades, but even the best fences require maintenance. Take some time to drive your fence lines to see if they need any mending. Learn how to repair barbed wire fences to reduce the cost of farm maintenance. You may be able to hire a local repair team, but doing so can considerably increase the cost of running your small farm.

Use your equipment to your advantage. Loading up the back of your truck requires you to physically load and unload fence posts and other materials. Look for equipment with hydraulic systems that make this process easier. A skid steer or tractor gives you the hydraulic power you need to pick up multiple fence posts and drive them where you need to put them in the ground.

A skid steer can even use an auger to make post-hole digging a quick and efficient task. Digging fence post holes is one of the most strenuous and time-consuming tasks of mending fences, so any equipment that can reduce this task can help you keep your fence maintained with less effort.

Invest in the Latest Tools

You’re not running a major commercial operation, so you need to think of your tools in terms of scale. You don’t need the largest tractor available to disk your fields or haul feed around your lot. A small farm has a smaller budget and working room than a large one, so choose machinery that matches your location and farm size. Find out why a skid steer is a popular alternative to a tractor on small farms throughout Texas.

Skid steers and tractors come with dynamic attachments to make farm life easier. Shop for a skid steer grapple, wood chipper or skid steer bale spear for sale today to see why you need one of these convenient machines for your small farm in Texas. Don’t continue to struggle with maintenance tasks by hand or invest in expensive tractor components when a versatile, affordable skid steer can do the job.

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