Tips to Give a Fresh Look to Your Home

Everyone desires a beautiful home. With time your existing home needs some maintenance, repairs, and renovations to give it a more fresh and new look. But renovating your home does not always have to be difficult and expensive. Therefore, simple renovations and redecoration will make your home look more appealing and beautiful. You just have to set a budget for the renovations and then spend accordingly.

Following are some ways to give your home a fresh look:

Floating books

What would your books look like when they are floating on the wall? Surely you will be surprised to see them like that. This is beneficial in many ways as it not only free up space but it saves the time and cost for putting up expensive shelves on the wall. Floating books are easy to do, you just need to screw a bracket to the wall and place the books on top. The support is invisible and the books seem to float.

Using Chopsticks

How about some creative ideas with the chopsticks? Let’s take the example of a lamp; its lampshade made out of fabric with a light bulb inside and its support made out of chopsticks. Moreover, we can create garden pots with the wooden chopsticks for small plants, herbs or prickly pears.

Custom Cups

They are easy to make. First, you have to buy some cups and with a permanent marker write a message, a name or simply draw something nice on it. This is a good activity for a family if they do it together. This activity is usually done around the holiday season in which all the friends and family are present and enjoy spending time with each other.

Pallets for the Yard

Many people buy pallets for their yard to keep their plant pots and gardening equipment on them. However, you can also make your pallets at a cheaper price. You only need ten to fifteen pallets, which are distributed on the porch, patio or garden creating a nice resting place for keeping plants and gardening storage stuff. You can also put some pillows, a couple of mats, and voila you have a sitting place ready.

Creating a Storage Space for Shoes

Tired of keeping the shoes on the floor and getting it dirty.  Grab those old wire hangers, cut them up from the bottom and fold the sharp ends. Create a circular storage bucket out of the unwanted hangers and store your shoes in it. Now you don’t need to worry about your messy floor. Moreover, you can train your kids to put their shoes in their place to keep the house tidy.

Vase Holders

You can have colorful vase holders made out of your old socks. It gives a colorful and warm touch to the environment. Just simply put your vase into your sock and then decorate with some beads. 

Updating the Pantry

By screwing the lids of the jars on the bottom of your kitchen shelf, you create a unique look at the pantry. When you want to use the jars, you will turn the bottle instead of the lid (which is always fixed). This method will not only save you space but will make your pantry look more organized.

Glass Lamps

Instead of recycling the glass containers, you can turn them into beautiful lamps by simply filling the bottle with led lights or Christmas lights. Turn your glass lamp on at night and it will create a magical ambiance.

Wall Art

You have the option of buying a wall art or making one yourself. It’s very expensive to buy paintings and decorations to hang on the wall. So simply take your paintbrushes and let your creative juices flow. Make a beautiful picture and hang it on your wall so that every family member can enjoy seeing it.


The house changes a lot when everything is so clean and tidy. One thing we forget to clean is our washing curtains and pillows. A clean curtain makes the room look tidy. To get beautiful blinds or curtains made to measure you can visit online stores and select which type of blinds or curtains you like. Moreover, routine cleaning of the home will reduce clutter and building up of the mess.

 11.Declutter Your Home

It’s helpful if you do routine declutters of the things that are broken or are no longer in use. You can just walk around the house with a bag in your hand and put in it the things you no longer like, don’t use and the things that are broken. This will empty up the valuable space in your home and give it a neat and tidy look.


Sometimes just by reorganizing things, everything looks different. You can change the placement of your furniture and rotate a few pieces in your living room. Put some new decoration pieces and get rid of the broken ones. Decorate your home according to the current season. If its summer has vibrant and colorful cushions and if the season falls then have dark-colored cushions.

13.Replace Old Things With New Ones 

We all have done the repeated mistake of buying new things but forgetting to replace the old ones. This creates clutter and takes up a lot of space. For example, you have bought a new laundry basket so give away the old one or transform it into a storage bucket to keep the kid’s toys. The attitude is to get something new and get rid of something old as a general rule to make your home clutter-free.

14.Storage Containers

Look at your house and detect the places where there are a mess and a lack of organization. For example, it is very common that if there is a piece of furniture near the entrance door, there are accumulated keys, coins, mobile phones, sunglasses. Place a jar or a small wooden box to store those things, this will instantly make things look less cluttered. This will be beneficial as now you know if you lose your keys, you know where to look. The same happens on a desk with clips, papers, and notebooks. Read more on the best home decoration tips.


Let your home reflect your personality. Most stylish houses are decorated with pictures of their members and the things they like. Feel free to use musical instruments, books, and old tapes and organize them well. After all, the easiest and most reliable way to make your home more stylish is to add more information about who you are and what you like. Take the time and turn your home into your favorite place on Earth!

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