Different Types of Hook Lift Bodies

A hookloader or hook lift truck is used for transporting materials in different industries, including demolition, construction, scrap, mining, forestry, and recycling. Its system lets you hook, lift, and unload a container to the ground. You can also easily change the body, which is ideal if you require different truck bodies for your operations. 

One of the top benefits of using a hookloader is that you don’t have to use different types of trucks. You can replace the body to do the specific task that you need. It also doesn’t use cables that can break or get damaged over time. As mentioned, you can fit different bodies on this vehicle, and here are some of them.


It’s one of the most common types of truck bodies because of its versatility. It is open with no sides or roof. As the name suggests, it is flat, and it can hold anything from building materials to cars. However, since it has no roof, it offers no protection for the load if the weather changes.


It’s often used for waste collection, although it can also be used for other reasons like recycling. It’s sturdy, and you can pile several tubs on top of each other, making transportation worthwhile. If you need to dispose of or transport a large amount of junk or materials, it’s an ideal option.

Tanker body

If you need to transport water to the construction site, or elsewhere for any reason, a tanker body is the best option to do the job. It is designed for this specific task.

Sealed container

It’s a truck body that is perfect for transporting wet materials. Since it is properly sealed, you can be sure that there will be no leak. The fluid will be secured in the container until you unload its contents.

Storage container

If you need to store materials, tools, or equipment on the construction site, a storage container is one of your options. You can conveniently attach it to the hook lift truck if you need to transport it from one location to another. It makes hauling items more convenient as you have them in one place.

Recycling container

As the term suggests, it’s often used for recycling, although again, you can also use it for other purposes. It has dividers inside that let you easily segregate materials such as bottles, plastics, newspapers, clothes, etc. It also comes with a lid or roof, depending on your personal preference.

Poly box

This container is made of a sturdy plastic polymer. Since it’s corrosion-resistant, it is often used for transporting acidic materials that may not be safe to haul in a typical steel body.

Dump body

It’s another versatile type of body as you can load any material, from sand to garbage.

Chipper body

Those in the tree cutting industry commonly use a chipper. It can haul everything from broken branches to cut trunks.

You can rent a hook lift through a hookloader hire company. It is more cost-effective and practical than buying one, especially if you only need to use it for a specific project or limited period of time.

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