Top 5 Reasons To Have Property Manager For Mobile Home Park

TWhether you’re planning to buy a mobile home park, already own one, or you’re a resident of a mobile home park, there are distinct advantages to having the park managed and maintained by a management team.

In this post we’ll take a look at 5 key reasons why mobile home property management is the way to go, and just how helpful they can be for every mobile home owner and resident.

#1 – Mobile Home Park Managers Take Care of All the Maintenance

One huge advantage of living in a mobile home park is you don’t have to take care of the place. You’re responsible for the upkeep of your own small house and lot, while the rest of the park is maintained by park management and their team of workers.

If something needs repairing, the managers will have it taken care of. The same goes for lawn and garden maintenance, any painting that needs to be done, and just the general upkeep of the park and its facilities.

Whether you own, rent or invest, mobile home park managers take care of most of the chores so you don’t have to.

#2 – For Park Owners, Property Managers Will Make You More Money

How will they make you more money?

Through daily management of the park, mobile home park managers will do their best to ensure the park remains at full residency (or very close to it). The more residents there are in the park at any given time, the more rental income park owners will make every single month.

In addition to this, because the management team are constantly taking care of the property, this keeps the park in great shape, maintains its value in the market, and also possibly helps to increase the market value of the property.

Park managers also make sure rents are paid on time, so there is always consistent cashflow.

#3 – Management Is Onsite If You Have Any Problems

For park dwellers it can be comforting to know that there are managers onsite should a problem arise.

For example, if a neighbor is being unduly raucous and noisy, rather than the resident having to confront the loud neighbor, a simple call to management will have the problem resolved fairly expediently.

Park managers maintain stability within the park environment, ensuring it’s a comfortable and pleasant place to live for its residents, as well as responding to calls for repairs or emergencies in the park.

It’s all about knowing that someone is always there overseeing the park, enforcing park rules and standards, and attending to the needs of the residents.

#4 – Mobile Home Park Managers Ensure Better Tenants

Nobody wants to live in a mobile home park where anyone and everyone is allowed to stay; whether they own their own mobile home or are renting one.

The management team of a reputable mobile home park will carefully screen all tenants who wish to reside in the park before offering them a lease to sign. This goes a long way towards ensuring the quality of park tenants is high, leading to a pleasant and harmonious park community.

A good management team will always look into the history of potential residents, and not just allow anyone to sign a lease just to keep the park full. Too many bad tenants will lead to many of the good tenants packing up and leaving, so quality screening is essential to maintain a full mobile home park.

#5 – They Are Management Experts

This is a plus for park owners, home owners and all residents alike.

When your mobile home park is run by a professional and expert management team, the managers will be well equipped in every way to make sure the park is run properly and residents are happy and content.

Experienced managers will also fully understand the law when it comes to mobile home park tenants, as well as knowing what park rules to establish to guarantee a harmonious residential environment.

The Wrap

It’s well worth park owners hiring professional mobile home park managers to take care of the day to day running of the park. It’s all about peace of mind for everyone that’s involved.

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