6 Most Important Accessories To Keep One Safe On Construction Site


Since all construction sites are prone to accidents, your first order of business is supposed to be wearing safety attire at all times. There are different protective attire meant for shielding different parts of your body effectively. Without further ado, here are six essential accessories that you’ll need to have at all times, especially when you are either working or visiting a construction site:

Safety Goggles

There are specific goggles that are designed specifically for construction sites. These goggles are usually made of thick transparent plastic that is capable of protecting the eyes from sparks, dust or debris – the three things that are synonymous with any given construction site.

A Good and Thick Overall

Once again, proper clothing is, especially in a construction site because of the obvious. Make sure that your overall is made of thick cotton material that will protect your body from sparks, fires, or being stubbed when you brush against a splinter which happens an awful lot.

For maximum protection, check out  fxd clothing, one of the outlets which provide good quality of clothes for safety purpose. It not only looks great on you but will also ensure comfort as well as security while you are working in a construction site.

Boots For Your Feet

There are many reasons why your regular boots aren’t required for a construction site. First things first, you’ll need to get boots that are fitted with anti-slippery soles. These will protect you from falling since there are times when the surfaces are slippery.

These shoes should also be equipped with sturdy soles that will protect the soles of your feet from getting injured the moment you step on sharp objects. Your toes should also be protected from falling objects as well.

Ear Muffs

Sometimes the construction site can be loud. If this is the case, then it would be in your best interest to invest in some ear muffs that will keep the loud noise out, allowing you to work without having to worry about your hearing being damaged. Just make sure you are looking for the right ear muffs since not all of them are designed specifically for construction sites.

Protective Gloves

Just like your feet, you’ll be required to find the right construction gloves that will end up protecting your hands quite well. When looking for the right gloves to use, you’ll first of all need to check out the material they are made of. The material should be rough, which means the items you carry will not slip out of your hands quickly.

Also, note that there are different gloves for different kinds of work. For instance, you’ll need some specially made rubber gloves for mixing concrete while you’ll need electrical gloves when handling the wiring.

Facial Protection

Depending on the circumstances, you might find yourself in need of protecting your face. Thankfully, there are many designs of masks that you can wear to ensure that your face is protected at all costs. You might find yourself in need of a welding mask which will protect your face from the sparks that might end up hurting you otherwise.

You’ll also need a facial mask if you are mixing concrete since much dust can end up affecting your lungs. For the latter, just a rubber mask can do the trick for you. Again, different facial masks are depending on the anticipated hazard.


Whenever you find yourself in a construction area, your first order of business ought to be your protection. Always make sure that you have all the above safety attire on at all times. It is also essential for you to ensure that you are getting to wear safety attire from top brands only because they are the only ones that can guarantee you the safety that you need.

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