How to Encourage Your Customers to Market for You On Instagram


Instagram has become the primary social selling tool for any business. If you aren’t doing Instagram Marketing, you should consider it!  Business to customer marketing is not nearly as effective if you are not pushing content and engaging with your customers on Instagram.  It’s not enough, however, to post content.  You need to get your followers to share your content and products, too.  How do you do this you ask?  Here are five tips to engage your followers and utilize their social presence to your benefit.

Pay Influencers

Influencer marketing is changing on how social marketing works.  Top social influencers can make or break how well a product sells.  These influencers have vast followings of people who trust their opinion.  They won’t market to you for free, but you can hire them on a monthly contract or for a percentage per sale to promote your product or business on Instagram.  When their followers see one of their favorite celebrities or influencers using your product, sales will increase as people strive to be like this influencer.


Just look at the uptake in make-up products Kylie Jenner inspired.

Partner with Other Business

Partner up with a non-competing business whose partnership can benefit both of you.  Host a contest with both businesses that request followers to like pictures from each business Instagram handle and tag three people.  Randomly select a winner to receive a prize from each company.

For example, breweries partner with local businesses to push their beer and then other products or services.  Winners of their contests get a free beer and a free dog walk.  This partnership works because so many people who frequent breweries bring their dogs.  Contest entries reach people outside your standard following.

Give Aways

Similar to partnering with a business, host a giveaway contest for your followers.  Post the rules on your Instagram but also use your customer email list to announce each contest you hold.  Hold one each month!  Encourage your followers to like and share for entries to win a prize.  Make the award appealing each month, so people look forward to the contest and continue to participate.


Put Flyers in Packaging

When packaging and shipping your sold products, include a flyer encouraging people to “join the club.”  Make your product appear hip and trending.  Ask people to take a picture of themselves using the product and post to Instagram while tagging you and using your designated hashtag.  People love to be relevant, so making your product appear relevant will encourage social sharing.


Give Special Deals for Shares

Offer 10% to 15% off when followers share a specific post.  Even people who don’t regularly share posts share for a special discount.  Ask people to share and tag you, then email or direct message them their exclusive coupon.

In conclusion

Follow these steps and watch your income increase.  None of these tips is a quick fix.  The return on investment cycle may take approximately six months to a year, but with steady use, combined with other strong marketing tactics, such as SEO, content marketing, and pay per click, business will increase noticeably.

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