Best Places to Find Pay Per Call Networks

Pay per call advertising is without a doubt the best lead generation method you can implement to skyrocket your growth and scale your business. The major reason behind being a leading advertisement is the conversion rate.

When the traditional display network converts around 2 – 3 %, pay per call gives around 25-26% on an average. And so, both the parties- advertisers and publishers try to work with the pay per call networks for mutual benefits.

Also, you need to be careful while selecting the campaigns to promote. There is some campaign which provides lower rate compared to others out there. But the question is where to find a profitable campaign?

Well, we are going to talk about the same here in this post. Let’s about some of the top pay per call networks which will help you with the profitable campaign. But again, nowhere it will be written whether a campaign is profitable or not.

You need to understand the details provided to understand whether that campaign will work for you or not. If you are new here, you may look for the free pay per call training available by Ringba which will teach you every in and out there.

Now let’s start and see some of the top networks from where you can get the details about the campaign. Simply join any of these pay per call network and apply for approval. Once approved, you can start promoting the offers.


PayPerCallNetworks is the best place to find the top pay per call companies in the industry with instant introductions to affiliate and account managers who are actively looking for call buyers and sellers. To get started with PayPerCallNetworks, simply visit their website and complete their application form to instantly connect with highly reputable and industry leading pay per call network.

#2 Pay Per Callers Forum

As the only forum dedicated to the Pay Per Call industry, Pay Per Callers is the best place to find and connect with marketing professionals. You can also share your experiences and start discussions with other experts in the space.

#3 Pay Per Call Groups and Communities

Private communities on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are fantastic resources to find other people interested in pay per call marketing and advertising. Simply search on any of your favorite social network websites for terms like “Pay Per Call” and you’ll find a host of massive communities with other marketers and entrepreneurs looking to buy and sell inbound calls. There are also several active and engaged pay per call groups on chat platforms like Slack, Skype and Telegram. 

#4 Offer Vault

OfferVault help affiliates and advertising find the best affiliate programs, performance marketing networks and pay per call offers. Offer Vault is a household name in the affiliate marketing industry with thousands of members all around the world.

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