User-friendly Flow Meters Available in Smart Measurement

Measuring the flow of either liquid or gas is quite and still commonly a critical parameter in many processes.  With this, it most operations, it is crucial to determine the right fluid is within the right place at the right time.  Others have used critical applications because it can conduct accurate flow measurements to give an assurance to the product quality.  The health and safety become an essential factor upon working with liquids and gases, which caused to investing in assured equipment because it could be useful to operate in a safe and productive environment. 

Due to the different purposes of using a flow meter, there are different types of flow meter already, which are available in the market.  These all devices of the flow meter are used on a single principal depending on the reason of usage.  Others will use a specific type of flow meter to reduce the area of flow that leads to increasing the speed of flow.  And to whatever reason you may have in using a flow meter, the Smart Measurement Flow Meters have offered varieties of these for a better quality of work. The following are available and thus deemed to be part of the best classes sell by Smart Measurement.

Coriolis Flow Meters

The Coriolis type of flowmeter relies mostly on the Earth’s Coriolis Effect.  Through it, it measures flow rates of fluid mass.  Within the Coriolis meter, there is a sensor flow tube of two parallel within its flow diversion.  The diverted flow, with the help of a boosted drive coil, becomes vibrated in opposition. Additionally, the Coriolis mass flow meter measures the force resulting from the acceleration which is drawn by collective moving or even away from a center of rotation. 

Magnetic Flow Meters

The Magnetic Flow Meters is also known as mag meters.  This type of flow meter offers several practical advantages rather than the traditional flow metering technologies.  In the Smart Measurement magnetic flow meter, it does not contain any rotating gears or turbines or bearings, or moving parts.  However, it relies on two electrodes.  These electrodes measure the density of the induced magnetic field. In a magnetic flow also, it is ideal for wastewater application or any dirty liquid.  Aside from it, it is still suitable for use in which low-pressure drop and low maintenance are required.

Ultrasonic Flow Meters

There are several advantages to the usage of ultrasonic flow meters.   One of its techniques which are the most distinct advantage of the ultrasonic flow meter is: the fluid flow can be measured through clamping a pair of transducers within the outer of the pipe minus contacting the measured fluid.    The installation method of this flow meter is unique among the other flow metering technologies.  It is because, upon installation, it allows the ultrasonic flow meter to be used in an application in which the process is assumed to be not to shut down, or the pipe cannot be cut for installation.

Energy Flow Meters

The energy flow meter is a flow meter that performs energy measurement.  It consists of a flow meter with the integration of temperature measurement that allows measuring both supply and returning temperature and after such; it then calculates thermal energy in units of BTUs.  Also, this type of flow meter can display process temperature and liquid flow rate.  Within Smart Measurement, the energy flow meter employs ultrasonic and magnetic flow measurement technologies.  These combinations provide users with a degree of flexibility upon selecting the product of a specific application. 

Mass Flow Measurement

There are the most traditional flow metering techniques that employ volumetric techniques.  It includes turbine meters or positive displacement meters. It only means that the displayed value or meter output on the screen is in through volumetric units of measure just like LPM or GPM.  The Mass flow meters solve problems by providing direct mass flow reading; it is to immune to changes in process temperature and pressure.   

Commonly, the problems it could solve may be: the use of volumetric flow meters within applications such as chemical mixing or batching, emissions monitoring, and custody transfer, can be proven as challenging because of the conversion of the volumetric units to mass units.  The transformation requires the volumetric reading to be multiplied by a media density value. This changing density leads to inaccuracy whenever the volumetric meters are applied in these situations.


With over 25 years of Smart Measurement experience in engineering and procurement of various flow measurement technologies, it becomes the leading manufacturer of flow meters already. The discussed types of flow meters, which are available in Smart Measurement are deemed to be in high quality due to the reputation that the company had established over time.  Trusting your operational work with these high-end materials will never be a waste.  Get and grab one from Smart Measurement Flow Meters.

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