Purpose of a Patient Decree

PA patient decree comes in handy when an illness is in its last stages or after a serious accident. Making a patient decree helps you to ensure that the doctor follows your wishes regarding your treatment when you are not in a position to do it yourself.

Preparing Your Patient Decree

No one can prepare your patient decree on your behalf. You must do it yourself. If you have any wishes regarding your treatment after a serious accident or an illness, write them down. Sign the decree and hand it over to next of kin. If you do not want to do that, you can draw it up online and then give your practitioner or relatives directions of how to find it. Update the decree regularly to ensure that it still reflects your wishes. If you do not have a patient decree, your doctor will make decisions that they dim fit for you. They may contact your relatives or our partner. If they are unable to agree, a court of law must make the decision.

Who Should Get a Patient Decree?

Everyone, no matter how healthy, should have a patient decree. Accidents and illnesses can strike at any time so it is best to be prepared. Do not worry about making your decree early because you can make changes on it whenever you please.


  • It helps your family save time when they need to make decisions concerning your health
  • It ensures that your desires are fulfilled
  • It takes the emotional burden that comes with making medical decisions away from your loved ones
  • It prevents feelings of guilt or self-doubt which your relatives may experience if they feel that they have made the wrong decision.

A patient decree remains valid for up to five years. After that, it is advisable to get a new one or make adjustments.

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