How to Survive RV Living

Bear in mind that before you decide RVing, there will be challenges you have to deal with. Living in an RV especially if there is only minimal space can be stressing. In this article, RV Dealer Plano have shared some helpful tips and ideas on how to survive the transition to RV living. Whether you plan to go solo, with a family, or just a couple with a furry pet, I hope you find these tips very helpful.

12 Handy Tips to Survive RV living

  1. Communication

Communication is always a good key to our survival. Imagine if what you have is a limited room in an RV and it’s starting to feel small. If you feel anxious or upset with each other, space will feel even smaller. Of course you can stop and take a walk, sit outside or go for a drive,  but a temporary spat won’t help solve the issue. A good communication is a sure way that you can continue to work on a daily basis especially if you are planning to live full time in a camper van.

  1. Choose the right gear

Having equipped with the right gear can help minimize headaches down the road. The best thing you can do before deciding to RV living is doing a comprehensive research on having the best gear.  RVing will be a breeze if you choose the best electrical management system and RVing apps available online.

  1. Familiarize your RV

When you have your first RV, I am sure that it came with a suitcase full of user manuals. Manuals that contained every instruction for every component in the RV. Read through every manual and for back up, download the online versions available. A PDF version will make your specific search faster and easier.

For roadside assistance, there will also be build sheets, information for each fuse box and references for all the information you need.

  1. Clean Up

A spring cleaning can be a challenge for a full time RV living. It can also be a challenge on what items to bring for a full time RV living. “Is one pair of boots enough or do I need a second pair for a campsite touring?” You might end up having too much stuff. Spring cleaning can also remind you of the things you brought but totally forgot that you have it. This is a great time to optimize and reorganize storage.

  1. A back up driver

If you can’t imagine driving by yourself especially if you have plans to move very often for long distances, it is good to share the wheels. If you are not comfortable driving an RV alone, have some take a driving class. The more you have drivers along the road, the more confidence you will have because you can take turns in driving.

  1. Create a checklist

You don’t want to have too many items flying off the counters and drawers around the corner. If that happens, it time for you to have  a checklist.  Pilots have a pre-flight checklist, and so can you. It is important to have  a pre-departure checklist for your RV living convenience. The important thing you have to consider is to make an extensive list and make it a habit to check it every time you leave. Often times, complacency makes you to inevitable forget something.

  1. Organize your stuff

Just like your China wares in your house, everything has a place in an RV. The difference is, when an RV is going down a bumpy road, a bottle of milk can spill because it was placed in the wrong compartment, you might end up with a mess on your hands and on the floor. Packing and putting things in their proper places makes organizing a breeze.

It is great to have an idea of where to go, and how long you plan to stay. If you don’t have a rigid plan, it will be quite a problem. So be flexible enough to have list of option to stay maybe a few extra nights or just leave early. Know that every town you can go to brings a new experience. Sometimes you will love the town, and sometimes it’s not what you have imagined. Having a flexible schedule and a flexible personality can make you stay longer in places and enjoy RV living more.

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