How to use DevOps to your Firm’s Advantage – This KnowledgeHut Course will Help You Get There

Agile methodology is becoming the choice of software development project managers across the globe. An important part of the Agile approach, DevOps (development and operations) is a framework of best practices that use the relationship between IT operations and development to improve productivity and efficiency. The focus of Agile (and also DevOps) is on leveraging relationships and operations to achieve goals. As the IT industry moves in this new direction, professionals with DevOps knowledge are in high demand as they can facilitate the shift to Agile in a seamless manner. The DevOps Foundation Training by KnowledgeHut is a celebrated course that will help you gain an important credential.

About the Course

A 16-hour or 2-day course, the Foundation Training is led by a certified trainer who is also an industry expert. Apart from the comprehensive course material, participants will benefit from tricks and tips that are relevant to everyday project management scenarios. The course uses material that is relevant to the latest DevOps version – the DevOps Foundation v3.

It commences with lessons on the definition and role of DevOps and participants are introduced to the core principles. Important DevOps practices include continuous delivery, DevSecOps, Kanban, and more. The course will also cover DevOps’ relationship with larger frameworks like Agile, Lean, ITSM, Safety Culture, and others. Asthe training progresses, you will also learn about the importance of the DevOps culture and operation models. Automation is an important topic in DevOps Foundation along with metrics and reporting techniques. You will also learn about DevOps leadership in this course.

The DevOps Foundation Training is designed to help you pass the Foundation exam, which can be a paper-based one for classroom students or an online test. The duration of the exam in English is 60 minutes, and it comprises 40 multiple-choice questions. Exam fees are included in the overall cost for the course.

Benefits from the Course

After successfully completing this course, students will have a firm understanding of DevOps objectives and vocabulary, which helps when they study for advanced credentials. They will be able to utilise the best practices and fundamentals of DevOps to improve the workflow in their team along with the communication.

The course rewards participants with 16PDUs and SEUs (for each course hour). As part of the course, you will get the Learner Manual, a document created by the DevOps Institute which will be a treasure trove or knowledge and resources. The DevOps Foundation credential is universally recognised, and you will receive it after passing the exam.

KnowledgeHut – A Leader in Professional Education

KnowledgeHut is a globally recognised provider of IT industry-relevant courses and programs,helping thousands of professionals and aspiring students upgrade their skill sets. Hallmarks include an easily accessible and interactive learning platform,continuous support, exclusive courseware and last but not least, a faculty of some of the best trainers and industry specialists.

The DevOps Foundation course can be your foothold in a dynamic and competitive industry. The corporate group training can spur your company and team forward. Have an engaging and impactful learning experience with KnowledgeHut. Register for the course.

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