Why Marketing Agencies Need Project Management Tools

Thanks to its user friendliness and plenty of useful features, a simple project management software solution became a very versatile asset in all industries. Any business that has to improve and standardize the project management process can make use of this software. Marketing firms are among the top ones who can reap the most benefits.

This is because, in the modern era, inbound marketing efforts have to be made across so many channels, while having to deal with deadlines. The increasing number of factors that determines the success of any marketing campaign forced marketing project managers to divide projects in dozens of small tasks.

In this sea of deadlines, emails, and assets, a project management tool can be a very valuable ally. Here are a few reasons why marketing agencies need project management tools.

It Makes the Job a Lot More Easier

Project management remains a synonym for a task management. The foundation of every project consists of full control and insight into every aspect. The success of each marketing project depends on how well the tasks were defined a how clearly the goals were communicated to the marketing team. Managing such a project involves a lot of communication and content material sent via email. Over time, organizing and managing it becomes an overwhelming process.

With project management tools, agencies can use one of the premade templates to quickly create projects, divide them into tasks and invite the entire team. This is done through a simple and intuitive interface that doesn’t require any technical knowledge to use it. These tools enable marketers to focus on marketing instead of project management.

Incredibly Fast Onboarding

The onboarding process can be approached from two sides; from the client’s side and the new hire’s one. In either one of them, legacy project management methods will require from the manager to spend a lot of time explaining how things are done, assuring the client that their money is well spent and that the new hire knows how to do their job. Besides, even with experienced team members, agencies still need time to bring them up to speed on new projects, thus inevitably spending (if not wasting) valuable time.

Simple project management software allows agencies to remove these redundant onboarding efforts. With just one glance, managers, clients, and marketers can see what’s going on, what has to be done, as well as when is the deadline.

Better Client Relationship Management

With limited marketing budgets, it is completely understandable for clients to be concerned about marketing projects they have outsourced. But, having to reply to client’s emails or answer numerous phone calls creates distractions. Sloppy communication unavoidably leads to miscommunication and the project has to be put on hold in order to clear things out. Every time a project is put on hold, everyone suffers.

Project management tools help marketing agencies look more professional, which has a positive impact on client relations. It can be used to invite clients to track the project so that they can gain full insight on how things are progressing in real-time. Having ‘round the clock access instils trust in clients and makes them more satisfied and confident.

Fully Mobile

Modern project management software is a cloud-based solution. This means that the entire documentation and software is located on a remote server. Agencies that use project management tools have access to this tool via their web browser window. Some project management software vendors even have mobile apps ready for both Android and iOS.

This is incredibly important, given that marketing projects are very dynamic and very commonly include field work. Also, managers can oversee projects on the go, and resolve issues whenever they occur.

Modernized Resource Management

Resources used in project management are usually documents that concern ideas, procedures, images, videos, etc. Now, filing cabinets are a thing of the past, and these days, all of this is kept either in the cloud, on a hard drive, or on a USB stick. Sharing and collaborating on them involves juggling them via email.

With project management tools, agencies will have all the resources in one place. Any uploaded files can be attached to a specific project, accessed and changed by team members who have proper privilege rights. Beside this, with the revision history feature, agencies can restore old versions of documents if necessary.

It Facilitates Collaboration and Communication

Communication and collaboration are the two big Cs of a successful marketing agency. When everyone is one the same page, there is no project that can be an obstacle. Project management software facilitates open communication by allowing group discussions, private chats, and message boards attached for each project task separately.

The new “cloud collaboration” is another thing that makes this software versatile. It enables collaboration regardless of the team member’s location and device they are using. This new digital office environment provides everything a team needs to keep a project moving along.

Increased Productivity

The “productivity has to be improved” trend didn’t miss marketing agencies. Handling several projects at a time can become very hard, especially if marketing has to be done on several platforms. Increased productivity leads to a job done faster, a happy client, and more money.

In terms of increasing productivity, project management tools can help a lot. The built-in features enabling communication, file sharing, and mobility are there to empower marketing teams to work smarter and faster. Marketing agencies who are using this software no longer have idle assets, unused resources, duplicated work, and missed details. Moreover, with task transparency, every team member will feel more accountable for their work.


Modern marketplaces and clients’ needs puts a lot of pressure on marketing agencies. Project management tools can alleviate much of that pressure. This software will not only get your entire marketing department better organized, but it will also enable it to grow. If you are having doubts, a free trial option is always there at your disposal to try it and see if it fits your organization’s needs.


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