Effective Steps to Type Faster – Free Typing Lessons for Beginners

Typing is a skill which is the demand of every professional like book writers, article writers, report writers, researchers, freelancers and part-time assistants. This skill may be difficult because people get confused with the placement of hand and finger. And in this confusion, they cannot learn fast.

But good effort and good resources for learning typing may helpful for you. For learning the typing you should have few structured and modular tutorials which should be properly explained and take stepwise tests from you.

It is never too late to start learning. By utilizing the right effort and right resource you will become very proficient. Typing is a more productive, efficient and skill worth learning.

It is a skill which is to use muscle memory without using the sense of sight to quickly find the keys. It is too important to improve the speed and eliminate errors. Typing just need practice, practice and just practice.

 Steps to Type Faster:

If you want to enhance your skill of typing then you should follow these steps. Before starting to follow these steps you should have a baseline of your current typing speed.

In typing, you have to use your all fingers. On the keyboard, every key is related to a particular finger. In the start utilizing the fingers may be a difficult task. But if you put more energy and invest more time than it became simple for you.

Some people have good typing speed but many people not utilize their all fingers. It means they are not using the maximum capacity of their typing abilities. The learning procedure is boring but if you enhanced your speed then it will be beneficial for you.

You will easily recognize the position of your fingers with daily practice. There are some particular keys which you should press by using your specific fingers.


It is difficult to figure out how to compose well without the knowledge of basic of typing. It is not a too much difficult task. Your fingers must learn how to operate the keyboard. All together for your fingers to get comfortable with these keys.

It is basic to learn the great systems. A typing exercise will be useful for learning good techniques. To learn the basic utilize a free online instructional exercise where your fingers should rest at the in-home row.

The home row utilizes the keys a, s, d, f, j, k, l,;. The great tip for learning how to type is that you should figure out how to recognize words letter by letter rather than word by word.


As you listen before “Practice makes a man perfect”. Typing is also like this. In typing, you need to take practice, more practice and even more practice. On the daily basis utilizing your typing skill will help you to hold your speed and accuracy.

A simple method to practice your typing is by playing web-based typing games. A large number of these games are entertaining as well. You can enhance your skill from this kind of games.

No Peeking:

One of the hardest assignments in learning is that how to enhance your typing skills. It is difficult for trusting in your fingers to move the way you’ve encouraged them. Power yourself to focus on the words which are in front of you and not on the keys of the keyboard.

Your fingers know where the keys are. If you do more practice without looking then your typing speed will more be improved.

Typing is a skill which takes time to learn the techniques. You just need to practice the techniques. Now you will learn how to improve your typing speed. By increasing your typing speed you can save your time and money. And if you are the beginner or just want to improve your skill then free typing lessons for beginners is the best platform for everyone. It helps you to learn typing skill or enhance your typing skill.

Steps of Memorizing the Keys:

  • Know the QWERTY layout.
  • Place your finger according to F and J indications.
  • Use Mnemonics and Almena Jingle.
  • Daily do practice.

If you daily devote your 45 to 60 minutes to practice then you can learn to type in just 30 days. For this purpose free typing lessons for beginners provides you with an opportunity of learning typing. It is a reliable platform to get the skill or enhance your skill.

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