Favorable circumstances of Computer innovation

To write about computer we use computer is like using Google to search Google. Today’s world is the age of computer technology and it has changed our life. The computer technology is now a part of lives and it has changed the way of communication to exchange the information with anyone in the world. Every corner of the world is now linked with a network to communicate. If you are thinking to study and make career in IT field then there are lot of things you can learn in this vast field. In the information technology field, computers play the main role. We can manage, store and organize large amount of data with the help of computers. The computers are used from very old time as a calculators and punch cards.  These days, computers are used for personal as well as business purposes. With the help of computer technology, the large machines are converted into portable machines. All the machinery in the big industries runs with the help of information technology. In this article, we will learn about the advantages of computers in different fields, so if you are interested to know the advantages of computer technology then this article will be very useful for you.

Description of computers:

A computer is an electronic device which is used for storing and processing the data as per the instructions given by the user. You can change or modify the data whenever you want very easily. The way of our learning, communicating, storing information, playing and many more other things are changed with the technology of computers. Computers are used in every field these days either it is home, office or industries. Any computer which is used by any single user is known as a personal computer or laptop. A user can install any software as per his/her requirement on the personal desktop/laptop. You can type very easily on computers as compared to any type writers and you can also make, edit, store and print any document anytime from your computer. There are many features of computers as given below:

  • If you are typing on computer then there is no need to open a dictionary to check the meaning of words.
  • You can type much faster as compared to writing on a paper.
  • No need to worry about any spelling mistakes or grammar mistakes as it has inbuilt features of grammar and spelling checker.
  • You can easily modify the document anytime to make any necessary changes.
  • It can be used with an internet service to keep in contact or to communicate with the different people in the world.
  • You can get knowledge of anything from WWW (World Wide Web) source as well as play games on the internet.
  • It can be used in various fields like banking sector, medical line, education sectors and many more.

Now, we will learn about the advantages of the computer technology in various fields. The function and advantaged of the computer technology is discussed below, read the article.

Use of Computers in Medical Line:

In medical line, the computer technology has a very important role.  As we know, the computers can be used for storing a large amount of files but in medical line it can be used for many more purposes like diagnosing some tests of the patient, data storage of the patient and hospital, to store the data of the surgical equipments and knowledge sharing. It can be used for many purposes like:

  • Computers used for keeping track of different bills and prescriptions. Information regarding the medicines prescribed to a patient is also stored.
  • The complicated surgeries can be done with the help of computers
  • It can used to diagnose or examine the different organs of the body.
  • A number of surgeries can be done by surgical robots which are controlled by a computer designed by medical professional.
  • The monitoring equipments in the hospitals are depends on the computer programming.
  • The doctors can communicate with each other by sharing images and messages to solve any issue quickly.

Use of Computers in Education Sector:

We know that computers are used in education sectors for many purposes like to learn any computer languages, software or hardware skills and many more. Let’s discuss;

  • For kids, the computer can be used as a learning tool to learn all with multimedia features.
  • Students can store or write their notes in their computers and they can also learn and download the useful education E-Books for their knowledge.
  • These days all online courses are available on the internet, you can do degree course of your choice from the internet.
  • Teachers can use computers to provide immediate feedback to the student for motivating and better interaction.
  • You can take or give trainings to or from anyone regarding your skills.

Use of Computers in Banking Sector:

In the banking sector, you can use many features of computers as discuss below:

  • You can do investments by checking best deals from the internet.
  • You can transfer money with a single click to any person’s account in the world.
  • The insurance and number of transaction can be done without standing in a long queue.
  • No need to stand in a long line to deposit or withdraw your money, you can do net banking with the computer technology.

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