6 Ways How to Preserve Fashion Jewelry

Fashion jewelry is also sometimes known as costume jewelry makes you be at par with the current ornaments developments. You can get your fashion jewelry online today without making a hole in your pocket. The good thing with cheaper priced fashion jewelry is that you can buy many of them in different styles in numerous colors but they are prone to have a weakness in that they don’t last long compared to their counterpart, fine jewelry.

However, with some few tips, you can be able to preserve your fashion jewelry to last long.

  1. Ensure your fashion jewelry is dry

One of the most key to making your fashion jewelry to last longer is to make sure you keep it dry always. It doesn’t matter whether you use it as an accessory, ring or an arm ornament, exposing fashion jewelry to water, any type of cream, oil can make it discolor.

  1. Ensure to keep your fashion jewelry clean

You must note that fashion jewelry is a delicate ornament than fine jewelry as it is not designed to last. You need to dry clean it instead of cleaning it with water or any other fluids.

A good idea is to clean it with a toothbrush to lightly brush your fashion jewelry but don’t use water. This will help to get rid of any buildup. If the buildup is too much, you can use a can of compressed air but ensure you don’t press the compressed air when too close to your fashion jewelry, always leave an inch or two from the place you have put your jewelry and spray the compressed air gently. This will slacken off any buildup that could have accumulated in the crevices. After that, you can polish your piece with a dry, soft piece of cloth.

  1. Ensure to take off your jewelry before other things

This means that you should always ensure your jewelry is the last thing you put on after you have worn your clothes and take it off before you put off your clothes.

Why is it so? This will protect your jewelry from being broken since your clothes can get caught with the jewelry as you put them off.

Another important thing to remember is to remove your jewelry while you are doing some exercises.

This is to say that, while you on the gym, you must ensure to put off your jewelry. Additionally, when you are doing other activities such as cooking, gardening or even laundry, ensure to remove your jewelry to prevent it from being broken or from being exposed to laundry chemicals and fluids.

Moreover, if you will need to apply some hairspray or any makeup, ensure to put off your jewelry. Remember you must ensure it is dry. But applying hairsprays and makeups means you are using some perfumes, lotion or sprays which are fluids and these are made with a mixture of chemicals that can cause damage to your fashion jewelry.

  1. Don’t wear your fashion Accessories regularly.

Ensure you put on your fashion periodically.  You must note that fashion like Hijabs are not designed to be put on a regular basis. This is because you will make it get stains more rapidly. To ensure it lasts longer, change it with other ornaments.

On the other hand, You can do this by buying some pieces of jewelry that look alike in style so that you can shift it frequently.

  1. Ensure you put off your fashion jewelry every time you are done using it.

This is to say that, you must ensure you don’t go to sleep wearing your fashion jewelry as this can cause damage to it or even cause discoloration to it. Additionally, it can also scratch your skin. Anything that you do that doesn’t require you to put on your jewelry, ensure you don’t wear it.

  1. Where do you store your fashion jewelry?

It is recommended to store your fashion jewelry in a plastic bag so as to prevent it from humidity. It is necessary to store the gold jewelry especially when you prefer to buy jewelry instead of gold bars. Many people buy the gold bar also and those people who don’t know where to buy gold bars? They prefer to buy the jewelry instead of bars. Remember you must ensure it is dry always! a sandwich plastic bag is a good storage for your fashion jewelry. In case it is wet before you put it inside the plastic bag, ensure to dry it so that as you put it inside, it is dry, this will prevent it from tarnishing and will make it last longer.

These 6 tips when put into use appropriately can make you have your jewelry for a longer period of time, although nothing lasts forever, some few tips can save you money.

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