How to Secure a GYM with the Turnstile Gate System

Now in order to let people have a better sports environment, there are many indoor gymnasiums in the city, but we all know that the space of indoor gymnasiums is limited, and it may be necessary to make an appointment in advance to get in and out of indoor gymnasiums, and irrelevant personnel is not allowed to get in and out at will.

Therefore, in order to better manage the indoor gymnasium, it is a good idea to set up intelligent glass security turnstiles gate with face recognition or IC/ID card at the places that must pass in and out of indoor gymnasiums choice.

With the intelligent glass security turnstiles, the gate is equivalent to a security line of defense. People with or without an appointment will be intercepted at the gate for a short time.

People who are allowed to enter can brush their faces directly, while irrelevant people will be intercepted outside the library, which is very intelligent.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the intelligent channel gate does not need the staff to be on duty, and it implements automatic management.

It can be connected with the reservation system in the library to fully ensure the safety of the library and has become an important management mode of the indoor gymnasium.

The launch of an intelligent glass security turnstile gate makes people’s traffic more orderly, greatly improves the management level, and promotes the construction of intelligent venues.

Unlike ordinary gymnasiums, which use the venue after paying to the administrator, the intelligent gymnasium adopts an intelligent security turnstile gate system.

People who exercise can enter the venue through the gate by scanning their faces and two-dimensional codes. Considering that some citizens are not familiar with mobile payment, admission tickets or membership cards are also supported.

Unlike most ordinary gymnasiums, which pay first and then exercise the football field, the basketball court and badminton court of the intelligent gymnasium can not only be reserved through mobile phone online but also can exercise first and then pay.

All badminton venues in the stadium do not need human power to switch on and off lights, but direct intelligent control. The swimming pool’s most troublesome locker bracelet is to scan the code, put it into the designated machine and return it automatically.

At the same time, there are ar games in the intelligent gymnasium that can only be played in the game city in the past. The staff member said: “We have 33 games, most of which are somatosensory games. Players can play virtual fishing, bullfighting, archery, crossing, and other games as long as they scan the code to pay.”

It is worth mentioning that the order situation, site usage, gender ratio, turnover data, and other related information of the whole smart stadium will be displayed on the screen. Through the content of the screen, we can understand: “the screen for users will have service information such as weather situation, site vacancy, gender ratio and so on.”

In gymnasiums, exhibition halls and other occasions, the flow of people is relatively large. If the entrances and exits want to control the flow of people and connect with the ticketing system, then the passage gate is a good choice. There are many kinds of entrances and exits, so what kind of gate is suitable? Which one is more suitable? According to the actual combat experience, Mairsturnstile thinks that the full height pedestrian turnstile gate for GYM and tripod turnstile gate is suitable for the gymnasium. Why do you say that?

Because of its high-security performance, the full height turnstile is used at the entrance and exit of the gymnasium, which is especially suitable for the unattended situation. It is connected with the ticketing system and can realize the function of unmanned ticketing.

However, the cost of this kind of cross turnstile is relatively high. Despite all this, Mairsturnstile still offers the best full height turnstile gate at an affordable price. 

The structure and configuration of the tripod turnstile gate are relatively simple: one standard chassis, one stick arm, one control board, one direction indicator board, one transformer, one movement, and one transmission part. The cost of the tripod turnstile gate is relatively low, and it is especially suitable for the situation that the requirements for the entrance gate are not high, and in order to control the flow of people.

The two have something in common: the full height turnstile gate and the tripod turnstile gate are both suitable for outdoor use. They are water-proof and not affected by rain. They are relatively strong and durable and can pass once for one person. They can control the flow of people and strictly check tickets.

Therefore, it is more appropriate to use across the rotary gate and three roller gates at the entrance and exit of the gymnasium and exhibition hall, and there are more choices for these two types.

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