3 Reasons to Take a Chiang Mai Cooking Class Half-Day Course

One of the most amazing things about the Land of Smiles is its diverse cuisine, from the spicy sausages of the hilly north to the noodle dishes of the central plains and spicy curries of the seaside south, there is a lot of diversity and deliciousness to discover across this vast country. 

There is a good reason Thailand is considered a “foodie” destination, as there is plenty for food aficionados to get excited about. From hole-in-the-wall eateries to roadside stalls and Michelin-starred restaurants, this exotic land offers an eclectic mix of food options in every city and town. 

If you love Thai food or just food and cooking in general, one of the best souvenirs you can give yourself is a local cooking class, and there is no better place to do that than in Chiang Mai, the country’s foodie capital city. A Chiang Mai cooking class half-day course will be the ideal way to discover all the secrets of the trade and take away some recipes to cook at home.

We believe a Thai cooking class should be an essential item on any travel itinerary to the Land of Smiles. Don’t believe us? Here are three reasons why:

1. Recreate Your Favourites

Sad, but true, most of the Thai food outside the country is of a pretty poor taste and authenticity. You can get around this hurdle by learning to make your own! Whether on your first or fiftieth trip to Thailand, you will quickly discover that the wealth of local culinary repertoire goes way beyond phad thai, pork satay, pineapple fried rice and green curry. A cooking class will give you the perfect opportunity to pick up the necessary skills and recipes to make your favourite Thai dishes for yourself. Trust us on this, once you’ve tried the real thing and discovered how easy they are to make, you won’t want to visit your local takeaway joint or turn to a package mix ever again.

2. Discover New Dishes

What’s your favourite thing to order in a Thai restaurant? Is it massaman curry, chicken with cashew nuts, coconut soup with shrimp? Like us, you probably fall back on ordering the same few dishes over and over out of familiarity and comfort. Well, stop! There is a whole wide world of Thai dishes just waiting to be discovered. Taking a cooking class in Chiang Mai is your best chance to experience the enormous breadth and complexity of Thai cuisine; in terms of regional and seasonal diversity, flavour and texture complexity and aroma and colour finesse. And not just experience and taste either; we’re talking about learning to cook like a pro and take these dishes home with you.

3. Get Insider Tips

How to select the perfect mango? Is it better to add the coconut milk or curry paste to the wok first? Should you slice a fish horizontally or vertically for the best flavour? These are the burning questions to which you’ll get all the professionals answers at a Thai cooking class. Not to mention that just being in the presence of a pro chef will inevitably bring forth solutions to questions you didn’t even know existed! Thais are very proud of their food, it’s a point of national pride and an expert instructor with a decade of experience will love to share their joy of cooking Thai food with you. There is a good reason Thailand is known as the Land of Smiles (and foodies!).

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