Most interesting matches of Scottish Premiership

For a long time, everything has been quite predictable in Scottish Premiership. Last season, Celtic won the championship once again – it managed to get ahead of all its competitors and claimed its hegemony in the domestic arena one more time. 

For a long time, the real competitors of the Celts are their eternal rivals from Rangers. This team, although finishing in the top three, or even next to Celtic, is not able to be their real competition in the long run. The current coach of Rangers is the legendary Steven Gerrard, and last season under his leadership the team even played in the Europa League group stage.

Recently the level of Scottish Premiership is not too high, but the fight between Rangers and Celtic is really entertaining and interesting to watch, as before.

Despite the fact that the latter one is an obvious favorite, the team of Gerrard may well give us a surprise and fight for the main trophy of the championship. These are the potential trump cards of Rangers:

  1. Great teamwork.
  2. The absence of excessive psychological pressure. Fans are well aware that the team has recently been in the lower divisions because of debts, and in terms of funding, it cannot be compared with Celtic. Today, even a competition like this is perceived by fans as a step forward.
  3. Gerrard’s coaching ideas. During his career as a football player, Steven managed to play under the guidance of many great mentors and is now trying to bring their ideas to life.

Also, Rangers managed to save all their leaders this summer, and this can help them in the fight for the Scottish championship gold medals.

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If we talk about the main competitor of Rangers – Celtic, then the team is fairly well equipped and clearly ready to win its next champion title. However, we should not forget that the Celts play in the international arena as well, so they bear an extra load.

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