What to Do When Your Drinking gets Out of Control

Struggling to overcome an addiction to alcohol is never easy. Whether you have been a heavy drinker for a couple of years or multiple decades, choosing to give up the use of alcohol is not always as simple as it appears. While some individuals who find themselves drinking too much are able to cut back on their consumption, for many others it becomes increasingly difficult as time passes. Knowing what to do when your drinking is getting out of control is the first step to overcoming alcohol abuse and addiction.

Admit the Issue

One of the biggest obstacles to overcome when an individual is struggling with alcohol or drug addiction is to admit they have a problem. When you are unable to admit that alcohol is interfering in your life, relationships, and even with your job, it is nearly impossible to seek out the help you need to regain control and happiness in your life. Admitting you are drinking too much is a way to alleviate stress without feeling as if you are a burden to friends and loved ones in your life. When you are ready to move forward and you want to cut back on how much you are drinking, open up to a close confidant or find yourself a group meeting to join.

Eliminate Alcohol from Your Environment

While alcohol is used frequently in social settings, you should eliminate all traces of it within your home and even in your work environment. Eliminating alcohol from your environment and surroundings is extremely important to prevent relapsing once you are alcohol-free (or limiting your alcohol intake altogether). When alcohol is prevalent and readily available in your work or home environment, you are much more likely to continue to drink. If you have others in your workplace or household who drink, share that you are trying to cut back on drinking or that you are quitting altogether to encourage them to eliminate alcohol when around you.

Build a Support System

Having a support system in place is imperative when you are drinking too much and you want to rid alcohol from your life for good. Building a support system is possible by speaking with friends and loved ones while admitting you have a drinking problem and that you require additional support and guidance. Friends and loved ones who are truly there for you will respect your wishes and help you throughout your journey to a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling future.

Discover New Hobbies

Dabble in new hobbies, activities, and recreational sports to help keep yourself distracted and your mind satisfied while you limit or eliminate alcohol from your life. Keeping busy is a key factor in maintaining sobriety long-term.

Attend AA Meetings

Alcoholics Anonymous is an extremely well-known support group that has been helping millions of individuals who struggle with an addiction to alcohol.

If you are in need of mental and emotional support and you are seeking a sponsor to help get you through tough and trying times, consider searching for an Orlando alcoholics anonymous group setting that is right for you. In AA meetings it is possible to simply listen without having to share your own personal struggles and challenges until you are entirely comfortable with your group and speaking your truth in front of others. Additionally, getting yourself a sponsor from the AA group of your choice is a way to ensure you have help any time of day or night when you find yourself in need or struggling to overcome a temporary crisis.

Seek Professional Counseling and Therapy

Speaking with a professional counselor or therapist is also highly recommended when you want to cut back on your drinking or eliminate alcohol altogether from your life. Even if you currently have a strong support system on hand and you are attending AA meetings, a counselor or therapist provides you with one-on-one time to engage and connect. Share your most troubling challenges and obstacles in regards to alcohol consumption without fear of rejection, shame, or judgment. Opening up to a therapist or counselor is healthy and allows you to break free from feeling as if you have a chip on your shoulder.

Becoming aware of the tools and resources you have available near you when you are cutting back on your drinking is essential to truly move forward and on with your life. Putting in time and effort with groups, facilities, and support is imperative to help live your life clean again throughout your journey to sobriety.

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