A Clean Room Hood is Important in a Clean Room

Picking the proper appliances for a clean room is not a simple task. When outfitting a clean room a scientist must think through his daily and usual routines in the laboratory and consider a complete list of equipment required for experiments to be performed.

They must be precise and not leave anything out, but sine costs are always tightly controlled, the list cannot contain things that are nice to have but not really needed. In the end, the goal is to have the appliances there that are necessary.

In terms of the quality of these appliances, scientists must locate and purchase the best quality appliances they can find. These appliances must have top level specifications and be able to withstand the rigors of the lab. When the appliances are being purchased for a clean room, a scientist must be even more exacting regarding quality, because the environment will demand it.

Here is a description of a clean room hood, a critical appliance a scientist will need purchase when building a clean room lab.

Room Hoods

In the laboratory there always chemicals being mixed or released and many cause there to be fumes released. Some of these fumes are toxic and others smell really bad requiring them to be removed from the air quickly.

A room hood is a device that captures any fumes coming from chemicals, experiments or other activities being performed in the lab. Depending on the amount and types of fumes expected to be released, Room hoods can vary in look, function, and use. Any unwanted fumes are removed via vacuum and filtered through a HEPA or carbon filter and are either expelled from the room via ducts in the hood or are recycled back into the lab using a ductless system. Ducted fume hoods are used where there is the possibility of dangerous fumes being released. If this is not the case, ductless fume hoods can be purchased for the lab.

Hoods are typically placed right over the area where an experiment is being performed or where chemicals that may originate fumes are placed. There also may be several used in a lab setting. They are several types of room hoods and most closely resemble the oven hoods we see in kitchens, but are of much higher quality and efficiency.

Clean Room Hoods

At the top end quality of room hoods are the clean room hood which is the most efficient version for capturing fumes. Clean room hoods are used in clean rooms which are the most stringent laboratory environments. As a result they must not emit ant contamination during their operation and their filtering system must only allow the smallest amount of airborne contaminants to be released into the air. As a result, the filtering systems in these units are extremely robust. In the case of the most stringent clean room environments, clean room hoods are an indispensable appliance.

Clean room hoods come in a variety of style including: wall mounted, benchtop, and walkin-in fumes hoods which might be housed in separate rooms and provide the highest amount of fume removal of any room hood.

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