Preparing For a Road Trip The Right Way

Each year I love nothing more than packing the car up and taking my wife and two kids off on a road trip. Over the years we have explored some amazing places and had some of the best times in our lives during our road trips. What I love about this kind of break is that there is absolute freedom, just you , your family and the open road.

Something that I have learned a lot about during this time is how to best prepare the car for a road trip and if you are planning one, here is how to prepare in the right way.

The Car

The first step is to make sure that your car is in full working order before you go. I always make sure that I take the car to the garage before we hit the road in order rot avoid any potential issues which could take place. I have also bought an extended warranty with Accelerated Service International which ensures that I am covered should the worst happen. I can’t stress enough how important it is to give your car the once over before you leave. I had an issue once where the car broke down because of an issue under the hood that had existed for a long time, it was late and the kids were’t happy, avoid a fat like this and get your car checked out.


If you are traveling with kids then they will not be happy to sit in the back and enjoy the conversation or the sights. With this in mind then it is important that you have planned enough entertainment to keep everyone in the car happy. Prior to every road trip I spend tie downloading some playlists for the journey and putting together some quizzes for the kids to keep them entertained. I also like to make sure that my kids have a tablet or phone with some TV shows or movies on them so that they don’t get bored.


There is nothing better than pulling up at a nice spot and enjoying a picnic with the family and I always try to make sure that we have a boot full of supplies for such a moment. The best hack that I have found is to invest in some cooler boxes which means that you can put some chilled drinks and snacks in the car. Always take too much stuff as you never know when you will be somewhere without stores or where the stores are closed.

In terms of supplies I also like to take a first aid kit with me as well as some blankets and sleeping bags just in case something goes wrong. I prefer to prepare for the unexpected and thankfully I haven’t had to use any of the emergency it yet, but it’s nice to know that it is there should we ever need it.

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