How to Write Amazing Product Descriptions for Your Drop Shipping Store?

As an ecommerce store owner, your primary aim is increasing the number of sales, isn’t it? For that to happen, you literally have to lure your audiences to bring money on your store by describing the benefits of the products. But you don’t have a lot of space to write an essay, but a small place.

So, you need to know the art of copywriting to seduce your visitor so that he/she buys the product from your store and doesn’t look elsewhere.

How to Write Spellbinding Product Descriptions?

Product descriptions should be written in a specific way as I told you earlier provided the amount of space you get and the size of information you need to put into. Given below are a few tips you should try whenever you upload the next product details onto the store.

Make it Easy to Skim

Not every person visiting your store reads the product description word-by-word (but many do, mind you!). So, you need to make it easy for your audience to scan through the content.

The best practice is giving the benefits of your products in bulletin points. If you do it, they will easily figure out the specifications of the item without spending much time.

Pick the Right Words

Picking the right words has a vital role when it comes to product description writing. Unless you make the appropriate word choices, you will find yourself to have low conversion rate.

It only takes you a single Google search to find out the best buyer intension keywords. You can use some emotional words aka power words to create a strong impression of the products on the minds of your visitors.

You should also be aware of the words you must not use in a product description. People use some words like stunning, ultimate, etc. redundantly and those don’t do well.

Include Keywords

You might already know of SEO or search engine optimization. Simply put, it is the method of increasing the number of organic visitors to your site. SEO solely revolves around keywords (keyword research and usage of the same in your content).

You have to find some potential keywords and insert them naturally into the description to gain higher position on Google search. Here is a great resource on Shopify SEO that could put you ahead of competition.

Do NOT Make Typos and Grammar Mistakes

A typo in your product description shows how carelessly you handle your business. So, you must eliminate all the spelling mistakes from your content.

Also, have an eye on the content not to have any errors in grammar too. You can use Grammarly extension for this purpose.

Make it Concise

I hope you don’t need me to be aware of this basic principle of writing product descriptions. Make them short, and straight-to-the-point.

Wrapping Up

Hope you got something new from this post that will help you in the next section of your product description writing.

Do you have another tip or trick? Don’t hesitate to share with us in the comment section given below.

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