Nikita Chirkov Explains Investing in the Futuristic BrainPatch

What if your infirmities could be remedied without surgery or pharmaceuticals? If the delivery system came via modern medicine rather than any of the various belief-systems, would you be more inclined to pursue this path? A group of young PhD researchers at Imperial College in London believe that they’re on course to discovering a way to treat neurological disorders like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s without invasive means. London based neurotech company BrainPatch is creating a means of conducting “brain surgery minus the surgery” through electrical stimulation. Championing the analysis and investment that makes BrainPatch’s work possible is Nikita Chirkov of D&FG Elements. This leading boutique investment company has become known for its foresight in recognizing the most promising deep tech companies early in their existence; as Head of Innovation, Nikita has been an essential component of attaining this notoriety. His membership in prestigious organizations including Campden Wealth and the UK Business Angels, in addition to his work at D&FG Elements, has earned Nikita a reputation in the investment world as a forward minded expert who is inclined to investigate and support companies whose endeavors exceed mere profit to offer something truly benevolent to the world. Indeed, there is no more fitting description of BrainPatch.

In order to bring about change, one must truly do something drastically different. At a time when it seems that most of the world is experiencing the downsides that accompany the use (and misuse) or pharmaceuticals, the visionaries of BrainPatch took a divergent path towards…electricity. After seemingly endless nights in the lab experimenting, the team developed, patented, and implemented a system which uses Artificial Intelligence algorithms to optimize brain stimulations. Multiple awards and grants were bestowed upon them to continue the advancement of this. Though still in its infancy, the technology is exciting. What is so important and unique about BrainPatch is one component which sets it apart from all others. A number of devices on the market “tell” your brain what to do but BrainPatch has developed hardware which “listens” and “talks” to the brain. Even something as remarkable as this innovation is unable to be perfected without the proper financial foundation. Nikita was instantly intrigued by BrainPatch and investigated. He notes, “I believe that the US & UK universities are the cradle of innovation. When in London I spent a significant amount of time with the scientific community, especially at Cambridge and Imperial College. I have been specifically interested in the latest breakthroughs in computational biology and was trying to collect as much information as I could about the subject. Soon after being  introduced to Nikolay Vysokov PhD, the founder of BrainPatch, I was immediately blown away by the technology he has been developing and his vision for the company.” 

Nikita Chirkov’s success and the success he’s afforded others is due to a combination of traits: talent, foresight, skill, and a willingness to venture into areas on a personal level rather than simply viewing them on a computer screen or discussing them in a board meeting. He is relentless in seeking out opportunities which combine potential profit with a positive effect on society. Chrikov needs to be convinced of both these elements and often takes a first-hand look. Recalling what finally won him over to championing BrainPatch, he states, “I tried the device myself. When I put the headset on and chose ‘meditation’ mode all my thoughts disappeared. I tried to force myself to think but failed. It was absolutely emptiness and lightness. How? The technology scanned my brain, analyzed and identified neurons which are super active (imagine a big football stadium full of fans chatting before the game kicks off – every “fan” is a neuron sending nano impulses to the brain making your thoughts appear) and.. asked them for silence… seamlessly. This was the quietest state I have ever been to.” 

Writer: Mike Winston

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