Top Reasons to create a Power of Attorney

It is entirely natural for you to feel reluctant to dwell on potential issues that may arise in the future – particularly when they concern your health. Nevertheless, however difficult we might find it, we all need to consider how we would like these unexpected situations to be handled, and who we trust to make decisions that lie in our best interests.

This is the reason why it is invaluable to puta Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) in place. It documents who will have legal responsibility for handling all significant decisions on our behalf should we be unable to do so. There are two types of LPAs, Health and Welfare and Property and Financial Affairs. You can choose to create one or both, depending on your needs.

You Can Ensure People That You Trust Will Make Your Decisions on Your Behalf

One of the most unsettling aspects of considering the future is uncertainty; we cannot predict what might happen, and how it will impact our lives.

An LPA can name any adult you trust as an attorney, and knowing that someone who has your best interests  and your personal wishes  in mind will afford you plenty of reassurance for the future.

You Will Know Who Will be in Charge of Your Medical Treatment with a Health and Welfare LPA

Although it may be difficult to think about, there are a number of circumstances under which it is impossible for you to continue to make your own decisions such as over medical treatment. Knowing that someone whom youtrust, and who understands your preferences for your health and wellbeing is appointed to handle your decisions when you are unable to, will afford a great deal of peace of mind for you, and your loved ones.

Particularly in the Event of a Decision

All decisions over healthcare and treatment carry a great deal of weight for your family but, for some, decisions over ‘life sustaining’ treatment can be incredibly divisive, and a compromise between your loved ones may not serve your own wishes.

Creating a Health and Welfare LPA enables you to  put this decision in the hands of either the attorney or the medical professional , and ensure that your best interests are met – no matter what the final decision may be.

You Can Feel Confident About Your Financial Future with a Property and Financial Affairs LPA

If you reach a point at which you are unable to deal with your finances or simply choose not to, then appointing a trusted attorneyto deal with the management of your bank account, bills, and your property will ensure that everything continues to be accounted for.

Clarity Will Mitigate Future Disagreements

In the absence of an LPA, it can often be the case that loved ones will run into disagreements over proper care or finances where attorneys haven’t been appointed. This can lead to an extremely divisive and difficult time for everyone involved, and may cause long-lasting rifts within the family.

By clarifying who will have sole responsibility for your decisions, and making this role clear in advance, you can avoid these disagreements from bubbling over.

The Process is Much Simpler Than You Would Think

It’s easy to put off the process of creating an LPA, but it is actually much simpler and faster than you might expect. An experienced solicitor or lawyer will make the process as simple as possible for you.

Find a lawfirm local to your area, as this will ensure that they are always close to hand should any issues arise. If you are living in Gloucestershire, for instance, then working with solicitors in Cheltenham will make certain that you are never far away from help when you or your loved ones need it the most.

LPAsAccount for a Wide Variety of Eventualities

LPAs can be called into action in a wide range of circumstances, which ensures that you can be confident in knowing who will take over your important decisions if or whenyou are unable.

It Will Also Offer Protection for Your Business Interests

If you are a business director or partner, then an LPA can offer protection for your business interests in the event that you lose capacity, and are unable to continue for an indefinite amount of time. It ensures further clarity in the event that something unexpected happens, which will prevent any interruptions or conflict from taking place in your absence. 

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