5 Simple Things You Can Do to Make Your Life Easier

Life can feel chaotic and crazy at times. The constant pressure to be perfect and accomplish a hundred different things throughout the week can make you feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to succeed. Do you ever just wish that things could be just a little bit easier?

The good news is, it can be. There are simple adjustments you can make in your space and in your mindset that can help make your life a little bit easier. Even sleeping an extra 20 minutes each day or dedicating at least 60 seconds to breathing during a stressful meeting can drastically improve your mood and make your day ease on by. Some tips that may not immediately come to mind can make all the difference on your journey to living an easier, more fulfilling life.

Make a Plan

A simple way to make life easier is to plan it out. On Sunday night, sit down for a half-hour and layout your week. What you need to accomplish at work, your recreational time, and some moments just for you. Laying out a thoughtful plan will take the guesswork and stress out of planning in the moment.

Being prepared in all areas is important, but sometimes it’s simple things like planning your wardrobe the night before. If you can pick your dresses or suits for the week in advance, you save the 20-minute search for the perfect outfit on the morning of your important meeting. Plus having great options for casual dress or that little black dress special occasion already in your closet gives you options when you need them. When you go shopping, plan for all occasions. Sandals for summer and fashionable dresses even in the winter. Being prepared can mean a lot of things, so include your wardrobe in that as well!

Set Some Boundaries

Can we all agree that life gets more complicated when we take on more responsibility? Learn to say no and set some healthy boundaries. You don’t need to be the last one leaving work every night and you don’t have to volunteer for every single committee. Find one or two things that you’re actually passionate about and pour into that. If you stretch yourself too thin, you can feel exhausted and burnt out. Set those boundaries to simplify your life and make it easier for your soul.


A crowded life can often become a complicated life, so decluttering your space can make things much easier. Without all the clutter in your home, you can find things easier and waste less. And without all the distractions in your mind, you can focus on what’s really important.

Decluttering may mean throwing some items out because consolidation is possible. For example, rather than a DVD collection, can you start streaming more? Or do you need ten different journals when one would suffice? You can even consolidate with your recreational or medical care. CBD has become a huge player as a treatment for anxiety or insomnia. While there are a lot of different versions of these hemp flowers and CBD joints, delivery makes getting these new arrivals nice and easy. Getting a simple one-step product like prerolls or CBD oil can even help keep your treatment simple.

Find Your Flow

In that weekly schedule that you create, how can you maximize flow and manage your weekly needs? For example, if you go to the gym at 11 am every Friday, can you always plan to go to the grocery at noon? Or can you schedule a weekly dinner with friends every Tuesday? Having consistent markers to hit during your daily schedule will help you develop a natural flow to your life. Consistency makes life easy, so start with a few simple choices that can become consistent steps you rely on.

Prioritize Rest

You often feel tired because you are. Rest is so important, but unfortunately, our capitalist society doesn’t value taking time off. You can make your life easier by simply turning everything off when you’re supposed to. Don’t bring work home. Do something mindless for that hour after dinner with your family. Stop blaming yourself for needing to rest, and start embracing that need. Heck, even going to bed an hour early once a week will do wonders for your soul.

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