How to Build the Smart Factory with Dekuma iSee


With the wave of the fourth industrial revolution, the new generation of information technology has a profound impact on the traditional manufacturing industry. From “industry 4.0″(the era of using information technology to promote industrial change, which is the era of intelligence) advocated by Germany to intelligent manufacturing and the latest industrial Internet of things, the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry have become an irreversible trend. As a new stage of modern factory information development, the smart factory has become the production end sign of the era of “industry 4.0”.

Under the background of “industry 4.0”, challenges and opportunities both exist. By 2025, the global economic impact value of smart factories will reach $3700 billion every year. In this process, rising labor costs and raw material prices force factories to adopt more efficient automation solutions. Among them, the three biggest challenges focus on the new requirements of perception control, interconnection and service innovation for ideas and technologies. DEKUMA iSee undoubtedly provides an effective solution for the construction of the “industry 4.0” smart factory and forms the response measures to the challenges.

What is DEKUMA iSee

DEKUMA iSee is a computer software system independently developed by the CML group. Based on the construction of the Internet of things, it integrates the advantages of cloud service and big data to form an intelligent management cloud platform, to improve the controllability of the production process, reduce the human intervention of the production line, and to reasonably plan and schedule. It helps to build an efficient, energy-saving, green, environmentally friendly and comfortable human nature chemical plant to help enterprises realize “industry 4.0”. Among them, iSee represents i(intelligent) S(Surveillance) e (electronic) e (environment), respectively, realizing electronic environmental monitoring with smart technology. At present, the application of the iSee4.0 Rubber Machine Management Platform includes five processes: monitoring, analysis, prediction, management and decision-making. By collecting, analyzing and monitoring the equipment data, the operation decision-makers can systematically and comprehensively understand the machine status at anytime and anywhere and make accurate production plans and company strategies.

Functions of DEKUMA iSee

iSee4.0 Rubber Machine Management Platform consists of five functional modules and a real-time monitoring line. The five functions include a basic module of equipment overview, workshop display board, production analysis, and later value-added function of an analysis report, production scheduling management.

The equipment overview function is used to display the name, status, real-time data, production progress, equipment utilization and other important parameters of all machines. Workshop display board includes a status display, production display, comprehensive display and SPC display. The production analysis function can display the machine name, status, mold, product name, target quantity, completion rate, expected completion date, equipment utilization and other detailed parameters. All of the above are based on overall and detailed monitoring, realizing the evaluation and analysis of the running state of a machine.

The analysis of value-added function tends to be more intelligent. The analysis report includes equipment SPC comparison and equipment energy consumption analysis. The difference occurring to the same parameters can be compared to improve the process of a machine. Scheduling management includes work order import, work order analysis, production traceability and production management.

Besides, the real-time monitoring curve can cover the whole process of monitoring management including equipment monitoring, alarm push, remote debugging and data report.

Functions of DEKUMA iSee

Advantages of DEKUMA iSee

iSee4.0 Rubber Machine Management Platform can choose to use a cloud service. As long as a network cable, the machine can be connected to the cloud platform, which significantly saves the cost of building the infrastructure in the early stage and the maintenance cost in the later stage. Also, it has the characteristics of safety, reliability, stability and intelligence.

  • Security: cloud service can prevent ARP attack and MAC spoofing, and it can back up regularly without losing data forever.
  • Reliability: Based on the server cluster, it has high performance, flexible expansion, or reduction of resources at any time according to application requirements.
  • Stability: Based on a server cluster, it has a low failure rate, enabling all the devices to function in a stable state.
  • Intelligent: the system can monitor the status of the machine, product stability and the use of parts and components and make a timely warning.
Advantages of DEKUMA iSee

Based on these four characteristics, workshop informatization, remote terminal management, intelligent information push and workshop upgrading are also the reasons for the outstanding service performance of the platform.

iSee4.0 Rubber Machine Management Platform not only can be used in rubber machine control but also can be used in any open interface machine, such as injection molding machine, rubber machine, extruder, etc. It has a wide range of applications and saves a matching cost. According to the survey data of the International MESA Association, the use of the iSee platform will reduce 61% of paperwork, 24% of semi-finished products, 45% of manufacturing cycle time and 18% of product defects. DEKUMA iSee will help you win the era of “industry 4.0” with an extraordinary smart factory.

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