Renovation Challenges You Must Know

Deciding to get your home renovated is a big step, which is un-doubtfully a challenging decision. The process of the renewal of your house can be overwhelming, but if you prepare for this process beforehand, then it will be fine. There are going to be encounters, expenses, challenges, and discouragements that you didn’t think of before starting the project renovations. 

As much as it may seem appealing and exciting that your house is going to be renovated, it isn’t. It’s very daunting, meaning that your home renovation is going to keep you up at night because of the hassle. There is no doubt that once your house is renovated, it will make you feel accomplished and delighted. But until the renovations are in progress, you are not going to be at peace.

So, to prepare you and to inform you about the problems you might face, we are going to create a renovation guide.

Things you need to know before you start renovations:

Check warranties

Warranties are pretty useful things when you are renovating the house, and there are expenses under every rock you turn. There doesn’t need to be warranties of everything. But if you are going to replace something because of not working, then it is better to check whether or not that item has a warranty. The more valid warranties that you can find, the more you will be able to save money. Most items have warranties of 10+ years. So, if you are renovating in that period, make sure you check the warranty cards of all the things possible.

Avoid replacing windows

If you are renovating everything in the house, including the windows. It would be best if you thought again. Because some conservationists suggest that you keep the windows even if they are only 50% in original shape. The reason is that your original windows are of good quality. It is possible that while renovating them, you lose a worthy item just because it was damaged. Damaged windows can be repaired, but it isn’t very easy to again get good quality products.

Learn about your VATs

VAT stands for ‘Value Added Tax.’ Mostly, the suppliers working for home renovations add 20% VAT on all quotes. This is done when the work is done on an existing home and not on an incomplete one. However, if the house is a completed one but empty and not used for more than 2 years. Then such houses are considered incomplete and are charged a 5% reduced rate. Before beginning your renovation, you should learn about your VAT in detail from a legal advisor.

Living adequately during the renovation

It is not advised that you live in the same house which is being renovated. There will be too much hassle, disturbance, noise, dust, residue, etc. in that house. If you are renovating your own home or if you bought a house and are renovating it, then you should rent an apartment during that time. Generally, the renovation of the whole house takes up to 3 months. You should rent a suitable apartment or stay in your old home during that period. If you are renting a place to live, then you shouldn’t crowd it with useless stuff. You should take only what is important and enjoy your three months in a new location. Living in a new place for a few days will also be good for your health because it will be a change in the environment and scenery.

Inspect the roof 

Before you decide to destroy everything to get everything new-made, make sure you inspect your roof. The condition of the roof will tell you how much the repaired or a new roof will cost. If it isn’t damaged much, then it can be repaired for a few hundred dollars. However, if the damage is extensive, then you will have to get a new roof altogether. An entirely new roof can cost up to 3000$- 4000$ (for a standard-sized three-bedroom house). Get quotes for your roof from different roofers to get a good idea of the cost you will face.

No need to get planning permission

If you are getting small renovations externally and significant repairs internally, then there is no need to ask for permission from the government. It is useless to spend money on this issue. These things come under the title of permitted developments because you aren’t changing the face of your house, only the insides. Still, if you are worried about any legal action against yourself, then you can consult your renovator because he will know best whether or not your renovation needs permission.

Don’t worry about the cracks

Cracks don’t always have to be a sign of structural damage. If you see one or two cracks near the door or window, then it doesn’t mean that your house would collapse. However, if there are consistent and a lot of cracks on the wall, then it a worrisome sign.  The same goes for when you are buying a house and want to renovate it. If the new home has A LOT of cracks, then you have to make a decision. A decision about whether or not you want to live in it. Small and fewer breaks can be taken care of by renovation. Also, there is no need to worry about them.

Hire experts when renovating 

It is necessary that you have an expert’s opinion. You should hire engineers, electricians, architects, etc. to get honest advice about home renovation. Hiring experts is necessary because they can tell you things that you didn’t even think of.

Get the building report 

This point is exclusively for people who are buying a new house for themselves. The report of the house or the building should always be checked and read properly before buying. It is better to stay safe than sorry. Because the report consists of all the aspects of the building, literally from A-Z, however, you should beware that if you aren’t careful, then you might miss some hidden issues/problems of the building.


Without a proper plan, your renovations might turn into a disaster. Everything can become chaotic if you try to do everything at the same time. You should make a list of things that needs to be done and in which order. You should divide time and days according to the renovations that you want to get done. Along with a schedule of work and chores, you should also make a budget of expenditures and expenses. Strictly try to follow the cost and work schedule.

If you are thinking about getting your home or any other building renovated, then this article will work as a guide for you. You can refer to it whenever you have questions about various aspects of renovations. 

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